Bali Massage Seminyak

Sometimes, a soothing massage is all we need to feel alive again. It’s the ideal solution to alleviate the daily stress of work, family or travel. Picture this; you are lying on a comfortable massage table or reclining seat. Sweet smelling oil is spread on your body, and deft soft hands set to work; kneading relaxation into you and rubbing away your physical and emotional frustrations.

All that happens in a beguiling atmosphere with sweet music caressing your senses. After that, there are extra treats to sweeten up the session. That’s how you get pampered on your Asian vacation. And there’s no better place than AMO Spa.

Seminyak is the best spot in Bali to get a backrub that will restore your energy and beauty. This destination is a coastal town with picturesque panoramas of the sea and rice paddies. Sunrise and sunsets might be breathtaking, but the lazy sound of the breaking waves and the cool ocean breeze will soft-soap you into a relaxed state of mind. Couple that with an excellent Bali massage Seminyak and boom! You’re right there in  paradise. AMO Spa in Seminyak guarantees relaxation, healing and renewal with massage therapies.

If you are tired of being worn out and listless, you should book a relaxing session at this premier health and lifestyle destination. You will be surprised at what the skilled therapists at AMO Spa can do. There are different massage therapies to soothe your painful joints and muscles and help you sleep better at night. You will come out looking and feeling new. So let’s dive in to see what they have to offer.

Full body massage with body scrub (Rejuvenate Massage)

This treatment includes a full body massage together with a revitalizing body scrub for your skin. This massage therapy is designed to ease your pain and fatigue. The therapists will rub you the right way with massage techniques that are informed by western medicine and traditional Balinese culture. The deep tissue massage technique has been designed by an orthopedic surgeon and can be helpful in healing tissue injuries, and realigning old scar tissue.

AMO Spa In Seminyak, Bali provides deep massages that stimulate free blood circulation in your body to activate the flow of lymph. Efficient lymph flow helps in detoxification. Apart from reducing muscle cramps, this massage therapy will stroke you back to your youthful energy and radiant skin. To top it off there is a body scrub to imbue your skin with radiance and vitality.

The body scrub begins with coconut and sea scrub, and then the masseurs massage sea mud or volcanic clay into your skin. After the session, you can luxuriate in a warm shower that will leave your skin smooth and spotless.

Hands and feet massage

Bali massage Seminyak doesn’t come better than an AMO massageAfter a hard day of exploration and sightseeing, your feet will be aching for some love and care. AMO Spa offers their unique hand and foot massages. It begins with bathing and exfoliation. The therapists then move to apply the right amount of pressure to ease the tension or soreness in your hands and feet. The techniques used here include palm pressure and reflexology to induce relaxation and improve blood circulation.

The foot massage at AMO Spa in Seminyak will relax your body and soothe your foot muscles. And the therapists stroke and knead your feet and toes, knots and tension will become undone. Also, the foot massage therapy will reduce the pressure from the balls of your feet and ankles. The therapists AMO Spa in Seminyak, Bali use a natural massage oil that will soften your feet and help you sleep well at night.

Everything is done according to your desires; you can pinpoint your specific areas of need, request change of music or choose a different aromatic massage oil. After the session, you can indulge in tea and snacks in the waiting room.

Head and shoulder massage

Sometimes your body craves for a massage, but you are constrained by time. What do you do? Here is the secret; try the head and shoulder massage offered by AMO Spa. This massage therapy session is brief yet thorough. Here is where you get to unload the stress from your long day of work, touring or shopping.

Head and shoulder massages enable you to slow down on a busy day for re-energization. The head and shoulder massage will also activate your body to produce feel-good hormones that will lighten your mood.

Warm Stone Massage (Relax Me Massage)

The Relax Me massage is a signature Balinese massage offered exclusively by AMO Spa. The masseurs apply soft pressure on your body, rubbing, stroking and kneading to give you an ultimate relaxation. Here where you get warm stones placed on the sides of your body to relieve pressure. That is how tourists attain a higher degree of relaxation and rejuvenation in Seminyak.

This massage injects a type calmness and delight into your life not only for fun but also for health purposes. Doctors will tell you that emotional distress have many health problems. Sadly, no one is immune to emotional anguish as life has its ups and downs. AMO Spa understands the blues of chasing perfection and its toll on your health.

When you are down and frustrated you put yourself at high risk of stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and other health conditions. But it doesn’t have to be such way. The Relax Me massage is specially crafted to reduce your stress. This massage therapy will relax your mind, boost your immunity and put your body at rest.

Here is the kicker; the Relax Me Massage may also radically decrease your anxiety and depression. This massage works by combating stress hormones in your body. As that happens, your body reacts to produce serotonin, a hormone that’s known to induce cheer and tranquility. So don’t stress, book an appointment at AMO Spa, Seminyak and passionate masseurs will massage away your despair.

At AMO Spa Seminyak, you can also indulge in a range of other services including manicures and pedicures together with a hair salon. The hair salon uses high-quality products, including L’Oreal, Alfaparf (Milano) and Wella to give you that dashing glamorous hair. The nail salon is furnished with thousands of nail polishes and designs to suit your taste.


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