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Give your nails the love and care they deserve at Bali nail salon AMO SpaTo complete the perfect look, your nails need loving attention. The great outdoors of Bali beckons with romantic sunsets, sunny beaches, and palm trees, but you just can’t dive into that as soon as you arrive. Any outdoorsy person would tell you that enjoying nature’s treats requires some foreplay. That involves looking beach-friendly, among other rituals. Bali tourists are in luck because there is one salon that gives the perfect manicures on this Indonesian paradise: AMO Spa Bali nail salon. This is where you get to start your vacation on a high note. Then again, this is where you come at the end of the holiday to refresh your look before journeying back home.

Our nails speak a great deal about us. What story do you want yours to say – that you are weighed down by the pressures of life? I bet not. Expert manicurists at AMO Spa will change that. Your nails will speak of confidence, sophistication, and style. When you head out to soak up some vitamin D, heads will be turning your way. And jaws will be dropping too.

If indeed you are weighed down by stress, not to worry you will be in good hands. AMO spa manicurists will give you a massage in between the manicure session, as your nails dry. That massage therapy is deep, sensual and relaxing in every sense. You disrobe the old worn out self and step out of the spa as a new person, looking gorgeous and feeling energetic. That’s the vacation swagger awaiting you at AMO nail salon.

AMO Spa nail salon should be at the top of your to-do list in Bali if you have a special event coming up. Maybe you and your fiancé have planned to tie the knot on the beach, or maybe you just have an important dinner date in the evening. Fret not, just visit the spa before your special occasion, and walk out relaxed, full of confidence and with stylish nail art.

The friendly staff, the wide variety of quality nail products and the relaxing atmosphere at AMO Spa will blow your mind. First, when you walk into the salon, you will notice the attractive hygienic condition. The spa is a spacious atmosphere of aromatic scents, soothing music, and soft lights. When the manicurists start working on your nails with tender love, you won’t help but close your eyes to savor the moment.

The spa has several nail experts that will welcome you with warmth and friendliness. The staff are courteous. The manicurists carry themselves with professionalism, seeking first to build a relationship with you. This rapport is essential because that’s how they get to understand your needs. After that, the manicurists will give you their expert advice on manicure styles and nail care.

Nail treatment at AMO Spa is a pampering session. It is done with craftiness, care, and affection. There are reclining massage seats for your comfort. The nail artists will then set to clean, trim, polish and embellish your nails.

Let your style shine with the numerous top-drawer brands like MAC, Potion EO, Chanel, Janssen Cosmeceutical Organics, and Dior. The manicure starts with a hand soak in Potion EO blend and fizzy milk balls. After that, the beauticians will then clean your nails before trimming. Deep cleaning is necessary before polishing and embellishment. It enables your polish to last long because it adheres to the nails without barriers.

After the cleaning, there is. We all know that a good manicure requires cutting extra nail length. Your nails will then be worked with a fine file to smooth the nail plate and seal the edges, And you can trust the team at AMO does this meticulously.

What follows next is cuticle care. The beauticians at AMO Spa nail salon will condition your cuticles with potion EO cuticle oil. The manicurists understand that cuticles play an essential role in preventing bacterial infection in the nail area. For this reason, the skins are not cut. Once they are soaked in oil and have become tender, the cuticles are pushed back gently. Your manicure will end with Potion EO hand sanitizing spray. You can also choose a Potion moisturizer with or without SPF.

Does the session end there? No! No! No! Your transformation is just getting started. Beautification awaits you with a choice of a thousand nail polishes. But that’s after your nails dry. AMO Spa nail salon uses premier products like the SNS Gelous color that is safe and long lasting and is also a natural product, meaning it’s great for you and the environment.

After you choose your favorite color, polishing starts with an application of a base coat on the nails. The first coat protects against chipping or staining. Again, time will be given for your nails to dry before the color polish is applied. AMO Spa manicurists will apply multiple coats in thin layers and finish with the glossy glaze. In the end, you get professional looking nails.

There are many embellishments at AMO nail salon if you desire a sophisticated look. You will be amazed with the variety of nail art, including options like flowers, decals, stickers, and rhinestones. We are talking about next level transformation.

An experienced manicurist will use a stencil to create striking shapes and symbols on your nails. Alternatively, you can choose stickers where small objects are stuck on the nails to create a textured, bold look. These could be flowers or inspiring shapes such as hearts and happy faces. Even better, you can consider getting rhinestones. Small shiny gems will be planted on your nails to create that sparkly luxurious finish.

What sets AMO Spa apart from other nail salons in Bali is the fact that they use high-quality, safe products. Similarly, it’s because of the friendly experienced staff and the relaxing spa atmosphere. Back to the nail products, the spa uses oils, removers, soaks, and exfoliators that are gentle on the skin and nails. The manicurists are highly trained and will give you a world-class treatment.

And you know what? AMO Spa is also famous for Balinese massage therapies, hair care, facials, and pedicures. At the end of a tiring day, you can come back here to indulge in the sauna, steam bath or Jacuzzi.


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