Balinese Massage

Relax into a transformed state of bliss as our expert massage therapists treat your body and soul. Surrounded by the sounds of relaxing music and aromatic smells of massage oils choose from a range of treatments. Relax aching muscles after a hard day’s shopping or simply for some well earned holiday indulgence. Our specially designed massages, combining a variety of massage techniques are not to be missed.

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Massage Canggu

Amo Spa provides a range of massage treatments for you. Our staff invite you to relax and de-stress as their healing hands soothe you into a transformed state of bliss. After a hard day’s shopping or sightseeing or purely for some well-deserved holiday indulgence, a Balinese massage at Amo Spa is guaranteed to leave you refreshed and revitalised.

Massage In Bali

Relaxation may be one of the main reasons for a massage and as you allow yourself to drift into a blissful state, surrounded by the sounds of relaxing music, the aromatic smells of the massage oil and soft touches of the masseuse’s hands, an Amo Spa massage is sure to achieve this. There are however, a whole host of other benefits gained from massage. It’s estimated that up to 90% of illness may be stress related. Taking a holiday to Bali is a great way to start to reduce stress, anxiety and pressure. So why not combine this with a massage and really feel the benefits? Massage can help lead to decreased anxiety, improved sleep quality, more energy, improved concentration, increased circulation and reduced fatigue.

Massage Bali Canggu

Massage therapy has been an integral part of many cultures for centuries and the health benefits intrinsically known to many for generations, have now also been scientifically proven. Massage increases blood circulation, allowing oxygen and vital nutrients into body tissue and organs. It also stimulates the flow of lymph – the body’s natural defence system – protecting against toxins in the body. Improving blood circulation and the lymph system leaves your skin in better condition and as this is the body’s biggest organ, skin care shouldn’t be overlooked. Of course, alongside relaxation, one of the most sought after benefits of massage therapy is the alleviation of bodily aches and pains. Massage relaxes and softens overused or injured muscles and reduces cramping and muscle spasms. For those whom regularly take part in any form of sport or exercise, from a gentle stroll along the beach to running a marathon, massage can reduce recovery time and help eliminate pains after you exercise. Many people suffer from lower back pain and massage therapy can be a powerful tool in decreasing lower back pain and increasing the range of motion. If you do have a restricted muscle movement, regular massage can provide stretching and reduce shortening of the muscles, as well as increasing joint flexibility. Massage can also be used to reduce and realign scar tissue when healing has occurred after surgery. We all feel good after a great massage and that’s because massage also releases endorphins – the natural body chemical which helps us to feel good and is released during exercise or even when you’re having a really good laugh with friends!

Massage In Canggu

The art of Balinese massage is a tradition that has evolved over centuries and is perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. A combination of a variety of massage treatments - including stretches, reflexology and acupressure techniques – including kneading and stroking, pressure point stimulation and skin rolling all combined with the aromas of essential oils, this is a perfect massage to help you feel calm and relaxed. It gives your circulation a boost and can also target knotted muscle tissue leaving you feeling physically refreshed. Balinese massage is great to relieve stress as well as address any physical issues such as muscle knots. Traditionally, Balinese massage involves quite deep pressure to address muscle damage. However, the masseurs will also use long strokes and kneading as they work on the muscles closer to the skin to relieve tension and improve circulation. If the pressure is either too hard or to soft, just speak to your massage therapist – they’ll happily adjust to make sure you have the perfect massage experience for you.

From full body massages to massages focused on a specific area of your body, at Amo Spa you’ll find a massage for you. The ‘Rejuvenate Me’ massage was developed in consultation with an expert orthopedic surgeon. Warm stones are aligned along the body in long strokes to start the process of relieving aching limbs. A caring combination of deep tissue, pressure point and lomi lomi massage is delivered. Enjoy a cleansing cucumber mask as the treatment ends and a warm lavender towel wipe down to remove any excess oil. Great for aching limbs after a surf this massage is loved by all and is the ideal Canggu massage.

Canggu massage

Looking for a Canggu massage to relax after some serious shopping? Look no further than Amo Spa’s ‘Relax Me’ Massage. Inspired by the Balinese massage although it does not include any pressure point work and using soft to medium pressure, as the name suggests it’s the perfect option for relaxation.

The Amo Scrub is an inviting option if you’re looking for an indulgent Ubud massage. A delightfully indulgent treatment that revitalizes the skin. If you’ve just arrived on holiday it’s a great option to prepare your skin for the sun. If you’re half way through your trip it’s great to freshen up your skin and maximize your tan before you head home. Start with a coconut or sea scrub and then choose from one of Amo’s signature body masks including sea mud or volcanic clay. Gently massaged into the skin while the mask is working its magic, a cleansing cucumber face mask is applied and then you’ll receive a gentle head and foot massage. Three warm overhead showers spritz over the body, leaving your pores clean and your skin soft and smooth.

Amo also offer head and shoulder massages and foot or hand or face reflexology massages. With Amo’s highly trained and friendly staff, fantastic spas and truly memorable massages, whichever Amo location you head to, an Amo massage is sure to be a highlight of your time in Bali.

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Full Body

Soothe away the tension and aches and pains with a relaxing full body massage. Choose a massage for pure relaxation or our massage specially and expertly designed by an orthopedic surgeon for deeper treatment. You’ll be revitalised, relaxed and ready to face the world!

Head and Shoulder

Great for relaxation and stress relief, stop by for a head and shoulder massage and let one of our massage therapists soothe away the stresses and strains of daily life. Guests can choose from either a 30 or 60 minute massage. A head and shoulder massage is also a great add on to any of our other spa treatments.

Feet and Hands

Aching feet from a day’s sightseeing or shopping? Worry not, call into Amo and our massage therapists will give your feet loving care and attention. Available for your hands also. Our reflexology treatments will work wonders; we’d love to show just how great they are.


At Amo Spa we aim to offer you a luxurious and indulgent experience, leaving you looking and feeling great. Why not add a little extra to your treatment? Options include leg, arm, hand or foot scrubs, collagen fleece eye and face masks and dry brushing.


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