Best Café in Canggu

Canggu is small coastal town, rapidly becoming the place to be in Bali. It’s a hub for surfers, beachgoers and all looking for quietness and relaxation. You can take a walk on the beach, watch stunning sunsets or take a surfboard to test your skills on the breaking waves. Beyond that, Canggu presents a unique opportunity to slow down and indulge in a delicious meal in a thriving café culture. But with so many cafes to choose from, how do you know you’re choosing the best café in Canggu?

While there may be many cafes in Canggu, it’ AMO that’s simply the best café in Canguu.The ideal café should have a friendly and welcoming service. Courteousness inspires warmth and love. Wherever it is, food tastes sweeter when you are made to feel at home. AMO Spa Canggu is one of the cafes where the workers are genuinely concerned about their customer’s well-being. When you step into this café, there you will receive a warm welcome and waiters will listen to your needs and assist you to make food choices.

When you walk into any café in Canggu what you expect is a nicely prepared meal. You have probably tried a few cafes and seen the good and the bad. The point is, there should be no compromise when it comes to the quality of food. AMO Spa Café in Canggu serves tasty food that attracts customers from far and wide. The meals are prepared by an experienced chef using natural fresh ingredients.

What is the overall experience like at the café? It’s not being picky; it’s your right to choose a place that is idyllic. The atmosphere should be peaceful and comfortable. Then again, your needs should be addressed promptly. AMO Spa café goes an extra mile to improve customer experience by providing WI-FI connectivity and comfortable seats among other things. The restaurant features comfortable chairs, soothing music and soft lighting. This atmosphere will put your mind at ease even as you seek to soothe your hunger pangs.

AMO Spa has a unique and broad menu. That’s excellent news for locals and visitors in Canggu. AMO Spa Canggu offers a variety of meals and drinks. You can enjoy a glass of juice, a cup of tea/coffee or stay for dinner and indulge in a hearty meal. Vegan, vegetarians and meat lovers will all find something to tempt them here.

AMO Café is located with AMO Spa Canggu, offering you’re a complete health and beauty destination. You can choose to indulge in one or two spa treatments in between your drinks or after a meal. Spa cafes are a stylish dining set up with focus on healthiness and relaxation. The menus are crafted with balanced, nourishing and spirit-lifting meals made from fresh ingredients

Why choose AMO Spa Café?

Forget the rest, visit the best café in Canggu and join us at AMO for healthy and delicious food all day long.AMO Spa is the best café in Canggu. This restaurant provides a variety of appetizing dishes. All drinks and meals are tuned towards wellness and relaxation. The health club grows fruits and vegetables in its rooftop garden. You can be sure that the smoothies and salads will tantalize your taste-buds and improve your health.

Below are reasons why you should choose AMO Spa café in Canggu

  • Lively yet relaxing atmosphere
  • Tasty cocktails and delightful smoothies
  • They serve a mean breakfast sandwich
  • For breakfast, you can select from waffles, Benedict Eggs or Quinoa chia panna cotta among others
  • You will be blown away by their tasty Balinese flavors including the mouthwatering satay and Lawar
  • Extensive wine and cocktail selection
  • The food is fresh and healthy

The delicious food at AMO Spa café is just part of the start of a journey towards happiness and bliss. This spa offers a one-of-a-kind experience in health, beauty and well-being. At this holiday spot, you can get a hairdo, a manicure, pedicure and sensual massage. As if that not enough, you will have the sauna, a steam bath or a Jacuzzi for further relaxation and rejuvenation. This resort is the kind of spa you will not want to leave.

Massage therapies at AMO Spa include Rejuvenate Me massage which is a deep tissue massage that uses warm stones aligned on nth sides of the body. On the other hand, the Relax Me massage is a gentle option that uses soft to medium pressure. At the nail salon, you will get to choose from more than 1000 colors of nail polish and embellishments. There are expert manicurists ready to work on your nails and transform your looks. The hair salon will help you refresh your appearance after your beach vacation.

You will also have a fantastic experience in the social spa area. You can bring along family and friends for a groupie manicure and pedicure. There are creatively engineered scrub beds where you can relax as the beauticians work on your nails. This space at AMO Spa in Canggu is perfect for catching up with friends to share a drink, laughter and spa treatments. That is how you make your holidays fun and memorable.

AMO Spa café in Canggu is the best place to enjoy breakfast, fresh juice, smoothies and delicious sandwiches. The spa café is an atmosphere of freshness, tranquility and rejuvenation.

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