Best Restaurants in Canggu

If there is one thing that captivates the hearts and minds of many in Bali, it’s food. This holiday destination charms its way into the hearts of locals and tourists through their bellies. Food in Bali is a romantic affair of freshly prepared farm produce in a stunning setting of warm beaches, palms, and golden sunsets. At AMO Spa Canggu the air is fresh and relaxing, and when the table is laid, you can be sure that it’s going to be an awakening of tastes, satisfaction, and healing. Whether you like spending your day on a surfboard, trekking the mountainous sides or relaxing on the beach, everyone comes here for a hearty meal in Canggu.

Top restaurants in Canggu try to provide unmatched luxury and an unforgettable culinary experience. Picture yourself indulging in an aromatic plate of fresh food in a setting that inspires relaxation and rejuvenation. To get the most exquisite culinary experience in Bali, below are things to consider:

How to choose the finest restaurant in Canggu

AMO Café is undoubtedly one of the very best restaurants in CangguService

Restaurants are not just about food. Service matters a great deal. The best restaurant has an experienced chef with support staff that knows what they are doing. You can gauge that immediately when you walk into a restaurant. It is the manner in which you are welcomed and spoken to, and it is whether they can listen to your specific needs and customize a unique experience for you. At AMO Spa café customers are treated like royalty. You can also expect to have a personalized experience, catering to your personal requirements.


In Canggu, you will want to indulge in the best food in a peaceful and appetites inspiring atmosphere. AMO café’s soothing ambience induces relaxation. That’s achievable through pleasant décor, soothing sounds, and comfortable seats.

Good food

This is the main reason why you are visiting a restaurant, right? The menu should include a variety of unique foods. It’s that simple. Don’t you just hate it when you can’t find a favorite dish on a restaurant menu? The menu at AMO is varied, so you’re sure to find something for you, whatever your tastes.

Their menu is not only full of greens and fresh food, but also plenty of guilty pleasures to ease your cravings. Similarly, you will be introduced to a variety of local dishes that you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

Spa Restaurants

If you want to eat at one of the best restaurants in Canggu, make sure that AMO Café is on on your list!There are many restaurants Canggu that meet that provide excellent services. But AMO is unique in combing a first class restaurant and spa. It takes you to the next level of bliss when the calmness and enthralling ambiance of the spa radiate throughout. Before or after a meal, you can choose to indulge in some luxurious spa treatments.

At AMO café, culinary delights are geared towards wellness as well as being able to get a variety of beauty treatments. An experienced chef and a professional therapist working together to take care of your health and your looks, that’s the real definition of luxury

The best restaurant in Canggu is undoubtedly AMO Spa Café. This café in one of the best Spas in Bali offers a variety of mouthwatering dishes. As part of the Spa’s commitment to wellness and relaxation, the restaurant offers an exclusive journey through healthy cuisines made from fresh homegrown produce. The foods will tantalize your taste buds and enhance your health.

AMO Spa Café has a rooftop garden at the facility where they cultivate various fruits and vegetables. Watch out for these on the menu; Watermelon and Feta Salad, Roasted Pumpkin Salad, Wild salad, Bali Salad, Power Salad and Asian Beef Salad. The ingredients are all from homegrown vegetables, legumes, spices, and fruits.

A breakfast sandwich will include sautéed spinach, American bacon, fresh avocado, sunny side egg, English muffin and cayenne pepper. That will be complete with a fruit cocktail that blends seasonal fruits, grated coconut, almond flakes, sesame seeds topped with a lemon, mint, and syrup.

Beyond that, you can expect delicious soups made from mushrooms, chicken, beef, or ginger coconut and pumpkin. If you decide to go for Cheesy Chicken Parmigiana at lunchtime, you can expect excellent crunchy chicken served with tomato sauce, potato wedges, mozzarella, and balsamic reduction.

Dinner can be something as simple as Pasta Aglio Olio. This includes Pasta with garlic, cherry tomato, chili, olive oil, and bread. There are innumerable options for meat, pasta, smoothies, and salads. Every time you visit the spa, you can try something else, something new.

The fantastic food at AAMO Spa café is just the start of a journey towards happiness and relaxation. Wait till you indulge in a massage therapy, manicure and pedicure or hair salon treatment at the Spa.

The spa boasts organic beauty products made from that rooftop garden. At the nail salon, you will have the opportunity to choose from more than 1000 shades of nail polish and embellishments. The salon employs expert massage therapists who are blessed with deft hands, and beauticians who will give you the sophisticated and glamorous look that you deserve.

Before you leave, you can take the opportunity to revitalize in the steam room, the sauna, and ice plunge pools. Even better, there is a Jacuzzi with Epsom salts where you can let go of all your mental and physical stress.

AMO Canggu is the most exceptional lifestyle destination with everything under one roof. The experience is invigorating, soothing, satisfying and unforgettable.


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