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There are countless methods that you can use to relax, arguably, one of the best relaxation methods is a spa. Spas –in one form or another, date as far back as the Roman Empirical times. However, with time, spas have undergone a major overhaul to be one of the leading relaxation methods of our days. Other than just relaxing, spas offer myriad health benefits to many people which you shall get to read about later on in the article.

There are countless spa resorts around the globe, which gives variety and good quality. Should you find yourself in Bali, AMO Spa offers the best spa in Canggu. But just how good for you is a spa? Read on to find out more.

Spa improves cardiovascular health

AMO, unquestionably the Best Spa in Canggu!Water on its own is good for the heart. The science behind it is, when your body is immersed in water, it increases the body’s pressure, which in turn increases the body’s cardiac volume. Spas efficacy is higher as this is one of their targeted outcomes.

Soothes Pain

Water on its own helps relax the body. When heated, it helps the body’s muscles and other functionalities relax, hence reducing and to an extent eliminating the pain. This method of muscle relaxation and healing has not only been used over the years but also in various fields, e.g. athletes and even in relieving arthritis pain.

Lowers Blood Pressure

You’ve already seen the effect of water on your body, and your heart. But, did you also know spa helps to lower the blood pressure? Recent research shows that when you’re in a spa, your heart rate steadily increases, consecutively lowing the blood pressure. It goes without saying that should you have blood pressure problems, you should definitely see a doctor, but, you should also visit a spa as well.

Rejuvenates and Relaxes the Body

A spa offers the conducive environment for the body to take the minerals in the water, hence recharging the body with essential nutrients, therefore,
rejuvenating the body and also helping it to relax.

Helps to Detoxify

Another great benefit of spas is they help your body to eliminate toxins and other harmful elements in the body. The heat from the water reaches the body, and the body, in turn, tries to reduce its temperature, by among other ways, reducing the amount of water. Most toxins that are soluble leave the body in the water.

Helps with Sleeping

Hot water relaxes the tense muscles in the body, which leads to your body tiring. This is a proper remedy for sleep. The effectiveness differs depdning upon many variables. However, you should resist the urge to sleep in a spa –or any other water body.

Reduces headaches

This is due to many factors; the warmth, the relaxation of muscles, the dilated vessels, they all assist in getting rid of headaches. The good news is unlike painkillers, and you won’t need a spa every time your headaches, once in a while should do the trick.

Mental Nourishment

To most people, there’s a tingle when they hear about a spa; the reason is, it not only impacts you physically, it also does so mentally as well. The relaxation and ambiance of a spa not only allows you to relax, but it also rejuvenates the mind and allows it to unwind completely. Moreover, spas have also been associated with a rise in self-confidence and even esteem as well.

These are just some of the benefits of going to a spa. Now, let’s look at Canggu and one of their best spas, as well as what they have to offer. Here you’ll find a sauna, steam room, Esom slat hot tub and plunge pool.

AMO spa is located in the heart of Bali They offer versatile services surrounding the field of beauty and more specifically spa. Some of the services offered include hair and beauty management, nails and massages. Another unique feather of AMO spa is their social spa.

Just some of the things which make AMO stand out from the crown are:

At AMO, you can be sure of finding the very best spa in CangguTrained Personnel

It is important to note the effect of spas to a person’s body, that is why AMO spa has ensured that you get the best experience, they do this by hiring competent staff who are not only proficient in their area of work but those who are also passionate on what they do.


The staff and everyone else around AMO spa have been professionally trained in the trade and also in how to conduct themselves at all times. This ensures that you are not only comfortable, but you also get to enjoy your experience, hassle-free.


Apart from being in the spa and beauty industry for nearly a decade, AMO spa also ensures they set a benchmark in the industry by training all their staff, both in theory and also in practice.

Excellent Equipment

All the equipment around AMO spa is state of the art and primarily geared to suit your experience. This ensures you enjoy the experience without any hitches at any point. AMO spa continually ensures they are ahead in the market with all the equipment that are needed to fully maximize your pleasurable experience as per your expectations.

Dedication and Commitment

From the moment you set foot in AMO spa, you feel a sense of belonging, but more so, you will meet a very dedicated team that will customize your experience throughout your stay there.


To be honest, the elements needed to create the best spa in the region are quite simple. AMO Spa will serve you with a smile, and true to this, by the time you are leaving, you will also be having an ear-to-ear smile.

It’s easy to see the benefits offered by having a spa. You should consider treating your body to a spa every so often, you will enjoy the experience, and your body will surely thank you for it. In case you are located in the Canggu area, visit the AMO and get to experience the best spa in Canggu.


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