Body Scrubs

Body scrubs at AMO Spa one part of the beauty therapies that will leave you with young and flawless skin. The spa uses natural products that will furnish your skin with health and beauty straight from mother earth. This therapy serves to exfoliate dead skin, polish and gloss your body. There are many health benefits  that come with such a scrub.

AMO Spa delivers indulgent body scrubsMany people have come to learn that their whole bodies need exfoliation. It’s not just the face. Staying for long without an exfoliation will leave you with a dry and dead skin. Dead skin and waste will clog your pores and may even result in acne and other imperfections. So you need a body scrub. When better to get that than on your Canggu vacation? AMO Spa does it, and does it well.

When you arrive at the spa, you will be led to a wet room and given disposable underclothing. You will then lie on a massage table. Skillful therapists at AMO Spa will spread coconut oil and sea scrub onto your body. They will then roll up their sleeves to meticulously massage volcanic clay into your skin. You can also choose to have a cucumber mask for your face. When the session finally ends, and you wash, you will be washing away dead cells and impurities. This treatment will leave your skin fresh, healthy and elegant.

You will be required to shower at least three times to get rid of all the scrub. You will then return to a clean massage table where the therapist will apply body lotion or oil and give you a gentle back rub. The oils used at AMO Spa contain high SPF levels to hydrate your skin.

Other skincare products promise you quick results with younger and beautiful skin, but the truth of the matter is few can deliver that. What makes sets apart the body scrub massage at AMO spa is the fact that’s it’s all-encompassing. You get a relaxing massage, and your skin gets treated with organic products that will leave it smooth and soft.

A massage with a body scrub is a process that should never be hurried. It requires skill and patience. Your whole body needs the attention of the masseur’s hand pressing, kneading and applying essential oil and exfoliators. Fortunately, AMO Spa has some of the most highly trained masseurs and beauticians in the region. They are passionate and empathetic. You will be in good hands.

This treatment is ideal for those struggling with dry skin after spending many hours in the outdoors. After a day of touring and exploring Canggu, check in at AMO Spa to get your skin re-hydrated and moisturized. Shedding off of dead cells from the skin surface helps it to retain moisture when you apply moisturizers and conditioning oils. The volcanic earth scrub used by the premier spa serves not only as an exfoliator bust also as a moisturizer. Then there is the heavenly coconut oil. All your beautiful dreams will come true.

Visit AMO Spa for the best choice of body scrubs on the island.Those considering self-tanning before starting their Canggu vacation need a body scrub fast. A fake tan looks credible if it’s applied to the smooth and flawless skin. Exfoliation helps to remove dead cells that would make the tan appear darker in specific areas. A body scrub massage is an important part of getting a natural looking tan before hitting the beach.

The use of volcanic clay taps on nature’s most refreshing spring of wellness. It’s a gentle yet abrasive on dead cells. Its light, fine and easy to wash off. It has a high ability to remove toxins and microbes from the skin. Many have reported invigoration and healing from acne and other skin blemishes because of this treatment at AMO Spa.

When you are out and about admiring the Indonesian natural beauty, remember that AMO Spa has bottled some of that for your skin. Let your vacation be a transforming experience where you get a jab of new life, wellness, and beauty. It starts with a single visit to AMO spa

Better still, the premier spa offers other services designed for beauty, wellness, and relaxation. These include massage therapies. Their version of Balinese massages will leave you feeling energized and appreciative of life. For your ultimate beauty, there is well also a nail salon and a hair salon.

Nothing will stop you from looking your best with the beauty therapies at AMO. Opportunity, happiness, and success will want to be your closest companions. How can you say no to that?


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