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    Extra Dose Available On Request


    • AMO Signature Infusion (60 minutes) Before the procedure, a registered nurse will take your blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature before inserting AMO's signature infusion intravenously. You'll be left to relax for 60 minutes wile the infusion works its magic. Our IV infusion contains 1000mg Vitamin C, Collagen,Vitamin B1, 100mg, B6 100mg, B12 5000mcg, detoxifying antioxidants, saline solution, and electrolytes. Anti-nausea medication and painkillers can be added on request. Every component of our infusion has been specially selected to achieve the following: Vitamin B for combating fatigue, Vitamin C to keep colds & flus at bay, Glutathione for detoxifying, Collagen for making skin firmer and younger, Saline and electrolytes for instant hydration.

    • Beneficial for Hypertension, Constipation, reducing the risk of exposure to Colonic Cancer and Diabetes, Bone formation, reduce the symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome and maintaining Heart health.

    • Beneficial to increase Calcium level in the blood and to help balancing Gastritis problem.

    All prices are quoted in Indonesian Rupiah. 12.5% Tax and 5% Service Charge will be added to your booking.