You can be sure that AMO spa will deliver the best massage Canggu.
Best Massage Canggu
December 24, 2017
Can’t decide where to have Canggu dinner? You wont’ be disappointed by AMO Canggu’s mouth watering options.
Canggu dinner
December 24, 2017
AMO Canggu Day Spa, where excellence comes as standard.

Canggu Day Spa

You can never get enough of Bali. There is always an exciting thing to do or a new place to explore. Relax, refresh, recharge. That’s what your vacation in Bali should be like. Apart from surfing, sunbathing or cultural exploration, your itinerary should include a day of indulgence at a Canggu day spa. Take some time to rest and indulge in special treatments; your energy will be restored. You will have a satisfactory trip and go back home with great memories.

If you’re looking for Canggu’s leading day spa, look no further than AMO!Spas in Canggu make your happiness their priority. Most of these wellness centers offer services that include massage therapies, manicure, pedicure and hair salon. It’s a combination of beautification and relaxation that leaves many visitors fulfilled and appreciative.

Have you been up and down since you landed in Bali? The tropical weather, the adrenaline rush in the water sports, the cultural evenings and the treks through rice paddies are all exciting. I bet you have bagged some good memories for your journal. I am also sure about one thing; you must be feeling exhausted, and you are not looking too good. So let’s call it a day and go get a massage or a meni-pedi. Even better, a day in the sauna or steam room can be refreshing and healthy. It will return that youthful glow to your skin. Time for self-love in an exquisite spa.

The locals here understand that there is only one health club where you can enjoy spending your day. AMO Spa Canggu- that is what everybody is talking about. It’s located on Jalan Batu Bolong. When you step into this spa, you step to enter a world of tranquility. Everyone who has been here gives glowing reviews about their pampering massages, the salon and the spa baths. Hang on; we are about to find out why.

A day spa must leave you transformed, relaxed and healed. That’s what happens at AMO Spa in Canggu. You will get healing from pain and fatigue, and acquire a stunning look with a few hours of spa treatments. These include a massage that employs various healing techniques or a day in the steam room and sauna. But that’s not all; you can get a hairdo or make-up done by professional make-up artists. All that under one roof.

Indulge and revitalize yourself at AMO, the best Canggu day spa there isA spa day should be a time of total escape. There should be no distractions. An ideal spa in Canggu should foster a high degree of relaxation. At AMO Spa, you won’t even notice time passing. This spa is a blissful atmosphere of aromatic smells, soothing music and soft lights. Dexterous hands will be working sensually to soothe your pain, ease your mind and prettify your face.

If you are self-loving and mindful about your health, you will only go to a spa that uses safe products. You never actually know what your skin will react badly to until it’s too late. To be on the safe side try AMO Spa; they use fresh organic products made from homegrown herbs and spices. They have a rooftop garden that shows their dedication towards your wellbeing.

Spa treatments are not just for the bliss and fun; they carry a lot of health benefits. For starters, a massage could be a way to deal with back pain, migraines and injuries. If you are touring Canggu with a plan to spend a day at the spa, it will be prudent to look for a health club whose treatments are medically informed.

Other considerations when looking for an ideal day spa include privacy, hygiene, customer service and extra niceties like snacks.

It’s recommendable to finish your holiday in the best way possible. The time you spend at the sauna in Amo Spa will be worth the while. Sauna bathing will not just make you feel and look beautiful; it packs a lot of health benefits. You will let go of all your stress with every droplet of sweat. This treatment relaxes the muscles and soothes all types of aching on your body. It’s an act of love to yourself to get into AMO Spa and enjoy a sauna bath while on holiday. You will go back home detoxified, cleansed and looking beautiful.

The steam bath at AMO Spa is amazing. You will step into a room that’s heated with steam and sprayed with aromatic scents. Take the time and enjoy the healing. It will ease the tension in your muscles. Even better, your feel-good juices will be activated to flow and take care of your emotional anguish. Sitting in the steam room at AMO Spa will improve your immune system. Steam rooms provide relief from asthma, cold flu, arthritis and several allergies. Furthermore, the treatment increases metabolism and can help you shed off the extra pounds you put on during your vacation. When you emerge from the treatment, you will boast a revitalized gorgeous skin.

The plunge pool is ideal after a tiring day of work or expedition. There are many health benefits of diving into a plunge pool. The water is kept cold at around 12 degrees. AMO Spa’s plunge pool will help to relax your muscles. The cold water causes your body to react and release hormones that will heal the pain in your joints and reduce stress and tension.

AMO Spa Canggu is a hot tub heaven. The Jacuzzi is cozy and relaxing. The use of Epsom salt in the bath adds immense health benefits to the treatment. For starters, when the magnesium absorbs into your body, it has potential to improve your cardiac health and help in detoxification. Other benefits include better sleep, alleviation of pain in the joints and a rejuvenation of the skin.

Beyond these relaxing spa baths, you can indulge in the famous Balinese massage at the spa. As if that’s not enough, there is a restaurant within the facility to satiate your ravaging appetite after the treatments.



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