Get the best Cold Pressed Juice in Canggu

Our cold pressed juice in Canggu at Amp Spa contains just the highest quality, always natural fruits and vegetables. Amo Spa spent over multi-year tweaking our formulas and working with some of the best nourishment cooks to outline a menu that we’re pleased with, and you will love. Our aim is to present to you the best tasting, most astounding quality selection of cold-pressed juice in Canggu, smoothies, and veggie lover and paleo-friendly things accessible. In a rush? Amo Spa has you covered. Get one of our on-the-go bottles pressed fresh that same morning. If you have a little more time, we’ll make your cold-pressed juices right in front of you. You can have our cold-pressed juices in Canggu as a meal replacement or as a supplement to your meal. Feel free to stay and surf the web with our free Wi-Fi.

Cold Pressed Juice System in Canggu

Are you wondering about the advantages of cold press juice in Canggu over traditional centrifugation? Cold press technology reduces the process of juice oxidation, preserving all the nutrients of fruits and vegetables intact for about 4 days.

Our cold press system In Canggu, additionally known as cold pressing, is the innovation we use to extract juice from the best natural fruits and vegetables. The extraction happens with the high hydraulic pressure that allows maintaining intact all the properties for a period of up to 4 days so that you can have more margins to consume them without worrying about losing their properties.

This is a method that has revolutionized the market for natural and healthy cold pressed juices in Canggu since it allows them to be taken in a longer period of time without losing the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that fade with the juices echoes at the moment with centrifuges or blenders.

Cold Pressed Juice Benefits

  • Cold pressed juices in Canggu are made at low speed, without oxidizing them, which allows keeping active all the enzymes, vitamins and minerals of fruits and vegetables.
  • Cold pressed juices in Canggu contain between 3 and 5 times more nutrients than liquefied or centrifuged juices.
  • Its flavor is much more intense and without pulp.
  • Unlike centrifuged juices that lose their properties in about 15 minutes, cold press juices in Canggu are preserved for up to 4 days with all their properties.
  • With our cold press juice machine, you get between 20% and 30% more juice than with a regular axis so that you get greater amount and quality of juice with the similar measure of fruit and vegetables.

For more details about cold pressed juice in Canggu, please call us at +623619071146.



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