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When you think of an Indonesian Spa getaway, think of AMO Spa. This venue is where vacationers come to spend time together to celebrate and mark special events. AMO Spa has boundless opportunities for relaxation, wellness, rejuvenation, and mouthwatering foods and drinks.

If you’re looking for a group and events spa, look no further than AMOAMO Spa CAnggu features a social spa area. This area is furnished to accommodate large groups of people. If you have that birthday party coming up, a bachelorette party or an office group getaway, AMO will make it a success. You will indulge, strengthen your relationships and reduce stress.

Spa parties or events is a next-level concept that needs meticulous execution. AMO Spa has a team of highly qualified therapists who are waiting to work their magic on you.  No matter how big or small your event, you can expect perfection.

Groups looking for a space-age day spa find hope at AMO. What a perfect way to cap your Indonesian vacation? You can come together, you, your family and friends and chase after happiness with exquisite spa treatments, food, and drinks. Social times at AMO spa – that’s an experience that deserves to be on your life’s bucket list.

Spa get-togethers at AMO are full of fun and indulgence. First, this is made possible by the spacious special venues that feature comfortable lounges. You can get group treatments including manicures and pedicures as you sip on your favorite drink. There is the bar within the facility just a short distance from the social spa.

For a successful conference or travel incentive program for your employees, try infusing spa treatments into the package. Your guest or employees will all come together to relish in various beauty treatments at AMO. These can include massage, facials mani-pedi, and other signature treatments. Beyond that, there are spa baths including sauna, Jacuzzi with Epsom salts and steam baths. Your family, friends or guests can get a light Swedish massage in groups.

When you need a group and events spa, you won’t beat AMO SpaAlternatively, there is the signature Relax Me massage that uses warm stones for increased relaxation. For about an hour, skilled therapists will offer you and your entourage a great spa experience.

Your guests, friends or family may appreciate a facial. The skilled estheticians at AMO will cleanse and exfoliate their skin using masks, and various natural skincare products. This therapy includes a facial, head and shoulder massage.

Manicure and pedicures are the most popular group spa treatments that event organizers need to consider. It can last between 60 to 80 minutes but the time shared is worth it.

For family and friends, meeting at a groups and events spa is the best way to catch up. Life keeps everyone up and down, and without doing it intentionally, you find yourself drifting away from the people that matter. During your Bali vacation, you can spend quality time with friends and families at AMO Spa.

At this spa, you will share laughter, drinks, food, and wellness or beauty treatments. Group spa sessions will help you save dying relationships, and assure those you love that you still care for them.

That, however, does not exclude parties and formal events. You should visit AMO Spa for custom created parties. You will not just celebrate and have a good time; you will be pampered and made to feel and look like megastars.

For formal events, AMO Spa therapies provide an opportunity for bonding motivation and relaxation. Your employees will go back to work appreciative, with new looks to brag about the beauty of their workplace. Guests will go back to the conference energized and motivated.

Long life and happiness are nurtured at this progressive spa. The therapists use special homegrown herbs to make organic skin care products and oils. Couple that with highly trained therapists that know how to work the body and mind, your party will not just be a party, it will be a date of bliss and longevity.

What’s stopping you? Book a group appointment today to enjoy special rates.

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