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Bali is a fascinating destination full nature’s wonders. But the tropical climate, with strong sun and high levels of humidity can play havoc with your hair. Luckily, with the best hair salon, you can spoil yourself in the outdoors and still look riveting. AMO Spa has been rated as a leading hair salon Bali Seminyak. And if you are still holding on to your fear of not looking your best in, maybe a massage alongside the hairdo will set you straight.

Need a hair salon Bali Seminyak? Visit AMO SpaYou need to look pretty before, during and after the vacation. Before your vacation, AMO Spa’s beauticians will give you that jaw-dropping hair before you head out to the beach. There are many trendy hairstyles perfect for your Instagram shots in the Bali’s stunning outdoors. Great photos provide lasting reminders of a great vacation.

During the holiday in Bali, your hair might not end up looking great. As that happens, you might have a special event to attend. It could be a formal dinner, a romantic date, or a party. Don’t worry, AMO Spa’s got your back. No mess is too big to fix. The hair experts here will help you look dazzling.

You also want to arrive back home with the swagger of a vacationer. Do you want your hair to speak of the great time you had in Bali and Seminyak? Allow the hair stylists at AMO salon to work their magic on your head. Everybody at home will be asking you where you got your hair done. Then you can spin the globe with a grin and point at Bali, Indonesia.

The atmosphere at AMO Spa is fresh and serene. It is possible to let go and relax in this salon, thanks to their comfy reclining seats, the soft lighting, and soothing music. Should you get thirsty or hungry, there is a café in their Canggu destination where you can order a drink to sip as you get pampered. They also make a mean satay.

The salon provides services such as haircuts and hair styling for both men and women, hair extensions, hair coloring and more. You will be welcomed to the spa with warmth and friendliness. The estheticians are passionate about their jobs and will be ready to materialize your dreams.

Before anything though, you will have a comprehensive consultation with the hair experts. They will assess the condition of your hair and suggest to you the best approach to revitalization and beautification. Nonetheless, you make the final decision. Expect personalized attention that will have you looking great at the end of the spa visit.

The staff at AMO go out of their way to treat their new and existing customers like royalty. A hairdresser is like a lover. They have to understand your needs and invest all their time and effort into making you feel great. That’s what you can expect at AMO.

Men and children in their numbers flock to this salon for stylish haircuts and trimming of beards. Women, on the other hand, have to include AMO Spa on their Bali itineraries.

AMO Spa uses best hair products from world-famous brands such L’Oreal, Alfaparf, and Wella. The colorists can custom design a unique an original color for you if you like standing out. Otherwise, there are myriads of color options to choose from. You can go for shiny dark brown shades, the silky black, red and blonde among others. Some are funky, some are conservative, while others are in the middle.

There are many trendy and subtle hairstyles to choose from for those looking for a haircut. The hairdressers at AMO understand how to manage every type haircut; they will customize the cut to fit the shape of your head. You can also expect a head massage after which the experts will rinse your hair with shampoo and condition it.

Visit AMO Spa next time you need a hair salon Bali SeminyakAMO Spa provides premier hair extension installations in Bali. They are perfect for the bold and beautiful woman who desires a little lengthening and thickening of her hair. Estheticians at AMO use the best installation technique that involves invisible bonding strand by strand. The colors blend well with your natural hair color. After the service, AMO hair stylists will give you tips on how to take care of your long and thick hair.

If you desire a new look, the hair experts at AMO can play around with multiple colored stands of extensions to create exciting contrasts. During installation and removal, great care is taken not to damage your hair.

Moreover, you can get services such as smoothing, toning and glossing. These procedures will help to rejuvenate your dry and frizzy hair. The salon uses natural hair products to condition and nourishes the hair. Toning helps to strengthen your hair and make it more elastic, while glossing will add that slick, shiny look to it.

While on holiday in Bali Seminyak there are things you can do to maintain the sensuality and vitality of your hair. For starters, you need to condition your hair all the time to protect it from the sun’s harsh UV rays. A good conditioner relaxes, moisturizes and nourishes your hair.

Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools if you have recently colored your hair. Chlorine will leave your hair with an unattractive tinge. Similarly, you can consider wearing a scarf for the first few days after coloring. Wash your hair with shampoo after the swim.

Other services at this spa include waxing, mani-pedi, facials, massage and spa baths. Whether you are a local or a backpacker, AMO Spa will get your hair done the best way possible. It is the dedication to customer satisfaction and innovativeness with quality products that make this spa stand out from the rest of the salons in Bali Seminyak.

Whether you are a man or woman, the perfect hair awaits you at AMO Spa. You will get the best treatments from some of the best hairdressers in BALI. Book your appointment today.



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