Visit AMO, the best day spa Bali
Day Spa Bali
January 22, 2018
Visit AMO, the leading hair salon Seminyak
Hair Salon Seminyak
January 22, 2018
AMO Spa, a leading hair salon Bali

Hair Salon Bali

Have you been scouring for a top-notch hair salon in Bali? Understandably, there are many hair salons in Bali, but few can give you a stylish and fresh hairdo that will meet you requirements.  After you are through with exploring and indulging in this wanderlust destination, your hair will be begging for attention. Not to worry, AMO Spa in Bali is better equipped to give you the value of your money with your hair. Locals, adventurers, and birds of passage all flock to this salon for hair styling, coloring, extension, treatment and trimming.

Visit AMO Spa, the leading hair salon BaliBali is a wanderlust destination furnished with sandy beaches and stunning panoramas. AMO Spa is a leading hair salon Bali. Hair experts here will help you regain your freshness and magnificence. At this unisex salon, you can expect more than just a hairdo. Get ready for pampering, relaxation, and rejuvenation like you have never experienced before.

When you walk into this salon, you will be received by a warm and friendly team of staff. The hairdressers and assistants carry themselves professionally. They seek first to establish a rapport with you. The hairdressers listen to your needs and give their expert advice on the best treatments and hairstyles that would be right for you. Such an undivided attention will have you looking good and feeling your best when you leave the salon.

The salon has a great atmosphere of peace and tranquility. AMO Spa takes a holistic approach to beauty and wellness. The spa features comfortable massage seats, soft lights and relaxing music to ease your mood and soothe your soul. The air is clean and fresh, smelling of aromatic scents.

AMO Spa salon provides haircuts for ladies, men, and children. Whether you wish to trim that stray goatee or prune the bushy beard, this is the place to be. For the ladies, there is an enthusiastic team of expert hairdressers who will set to trim, color, tone, style and add or remove extensions from your hair according to your wish. Beyond that, there is washing and blow drying. These services will get you ready for your special Bali event, be it a date, wedding or just a pose for Instagram.

You will feel like a star as numerous stylists busy themselves with your hair. The color specialists use world’s best hair products including L’Oreal, Alfaparf and Wella colors. If you fancy short or long hair or need some retouching, the team at AMO Spa will make your dreams come true. The experienced colorists will custom design a color style that best fits your personality to compliment your natural hair color.

This famed salon is also perfect for those looking for a retouch or a full set of foils. You will get quality treatments that will give you a fabulous new look. AMO Spa salon also provides hair masks and cream baths to enable you to look your best on your Bali vacation.

A haircut or blow out session, as you can expect, starts with a detailed consultation to assess the condition of your hair and your desires. AMO stylists will then recommend the fashionable styles and set to work when you give the go-ahead. However, the haircut doesn’t end there. You will get to indulge in a calming head massage as the experts rinse your hair with shampooer that you will get some conditioning treatment and a sophisticated blow out finishing style.

For hair extension services, AMO Spa uses a superior system for lengthening and adding hair volume. The hairstylists can also use extensions to play around with your natural hair color to achieve a funky look. AMO Spa uses a fool-proof method of sealing the bonds to your natural hair. Your hair sustains no damage during the process, and the extensions are gorgeous and durable. If you want to go back to your natural hair, the AMO hair experts will carefully remove your extensions. Also, you can get full servicing for your locks to ensure that they look the best that they can.

Look no further than hair salon BaliHair treatments at AMO Spa in Bali includes smoothing, toning and glossing. These procedures will ensure that your hair looks great. The Spa uses natural hair products that soak into the hair follicles to improve, repair and nourish the hair. Smoothing helps to strengthen the hair and improve its elasticity. Hair treatments at AMO will leave you looking dashing with glossy straight hair. You can be sure that these results will be long-lasting.

Bali’s tropical climate and the intense UV rays can play havoc with your hairstyle. It’s prudent to take care of your hair so that at the end of the vacation you have no regrets. Visiting AMO Spa salon is okay, but what will you do to ensure you maintain that beautiful look? Here is how; condition your hair before going to the beach, wear a hat or scarf before indulging in water sports, rinse your hair thoroughly and dry it using a soft cloth instead of a towel.

Deep conditioning keeps your hair moisturized. This minimizes drying up and breakages when the weather gets hot. Extra conditioning also improves your hair elasticity, making it healthy and tough. Wearing a headscarf, or using a conditioner with high SPF factor protects your hair from the sun’s UV rays that have potential to destroy the protein composition of your hair. Then again, the scarf is highly essential to protect your freshly colored hair.

On your Bali vacation, beware of chlorinated swimming pools, especially so if you have just gone blonde. Your hair can soak up chemicals in the pool and acquire a yellow tinge. It’s necessary to rinse your hair before diving in for a swim. Wet hair will absorb fewer chemicals. After the swimming session, wash your hair with a tube of shampoo that’s designed to remove chlorine.

AMO Spa is the leading salon in Bali. The experience is centered on beauty, relaxation, and healing. Apart from hair services, AMO Spa provides facials, manicure pedicure, massage therapy, and nail art. Without these treatments, your Bali vacation will be incomplete. Visitors also find bliss in the spa baths that include the steam room, sauna, and Jacuzzi. This spa is a modernistic setting for wellness and transformation. Book an appointment today to enjoy consummate services.

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