Guide to Happy Hour in Canggu

If you are looking for happy hour in Canggu, at that point, you have come to the right place. As many of you know, thank the lord that Canggu (the neighborhood in Bali) has some of the best happy hours on the Island. Amo Spa is the best place for happy hour in Canggu. Amo Spa is located at the heart of Jalan Batu Bolong – Canggu’s most happening street, it’s the ideal place to kick back with a bucket of Bintangs or a gaggle of cocktails, while you watch the swagger their stuff.

Individuals from everywhere throughout the island make their tour to our happy hour in Canggu for the raucous atmosphere and basic booze. Here you will see the brothers ordering Bintangs by the handful before they ring the bell (doesn’t matter if you’re order is in – when the bell rings, if your money isn’t in the register, your bad luck).

Enjoy Your Happy Hour in Canggu

This is the best place for happy hour in Canggu but it’s still worth a stop on your drunken drive down Batu Bolong to Old Mans. The glasses are tall and the drinks are stiff. We suggest sitting out front so you can judge the tourists as they walk towards the beach – the people watching here is LEGIT. Order the fish tacos if you’re feeling hungry, trust me they would make any Cali surfer drool. This is authentic imported tequila at its best, get some! The fish might make you sick, but we hear vodka (or whatever that is) is an antiseptic, so just drink more than you eat and you should be fine right?? If you’re a beer drinker, it’s criminal not to be here during happy hour in Canggu.

At this happy hour in Canggu, Amo Spa has you covered when it comes to the perfect craft cocktail, and you are guaranteed to get the very best selection of imported spirits and bitters. The ideal way to order here is to tell him what your favorite spirit is, and let him craft you something special from scratch. If you are on a backpacker’s budget, asking for the Surfers Menu, same high-quality spirits, at half the price you would pay for the happy hour in Canggu.

It’s pretty packed for their happy hour in Canggu so cozy up to a stranger on the cushioned bench seats circling the venue and make friends as you get your drink on. Large portions and reasonable prices make it the perfect place to grab a bite while downing your beers. Be sure to grab a ride back to Canggu proper, because you’re going to leave this place drunk.



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