Health Benefits of a Massage

Do you feel bogged down by stress, pain, and fatigues? You drag yourself to work in the morning, but you no longer have energy and enthusiasm. You have been drowning in worries, you have the worst case of insomnia, and your muscles feel worn out. Lucky for you, massage therapy can heal all of that. You just need to get it regularly, and from a skilled masseuse for that matter. Massage therapy relaxes the body, soothes the mind and puts your spirit at ease. As you are about to find out, this type of therapy has immense health benefits.

Stress and anxiety

Stress on your mind and body can let loose an avalanche of nightmarish health conditions. These include problems with digestion, high blood pressure, migraines, ulcers, and heart problems. We get stress from work, family, and the society in general. It can overwork the mind and body to toxic levels. A body massage can help with that.

It lowers cortisol levels and stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine. This helps to alleviate the mental pressure from daily activities. You will be able to sleep well and get relief from insomnia. Sleep in itself helps the mind to relax.

Chronic low back pain

Many people do suffer from the effects of chronic back pain. This is the number one cause of disability, and a large chunk of medical expenditure goes towards it. However many treatments have become ineffective against this predicament. Victims can quickly get addicted to narcotics and begin another downward spiral to suffering and misery. A regular massage therapy can be your way out of this problem. It alleviates pain and eases tension in the lower back muscles.

Helps with muscle injuries

Massage therapy helps to heal soft tissue strains. It relaxes contracted and shortened muscles. It also revitalizes weak muscles. This healing and revitalization are essential for healing after a physical exertion of some kind; be it the gym or manual labor. In this case, you will have increased muscle flexibility and easy movement. You will also work efficiently without fatigue and the risk of tissue damage.

Sedentary office work life

Sedentary office work life can negatively impact your health. For starters, sitting at a desk for too long weakens your lower back muscles. Your shoulders get rounded and pulled forward. That will not be an attractive posture if it is to become permanent, and it is painful. Luckily, you can correct the oddness with a regular massage session. It doesn’t matter whether it is a quick Swedish massage or a deep massage, you will get back to your healthy posture.

Sports injuries

A sports massage can help to prevent and heal sports injuries. Athletes usually have to deal with aches, pains, and muscle sprains, and sadly that is an inevitable consequence of sporting activities. Luckily, a regular massage can help reduce the risks of sports injuries. You will have quicker muscle
recovery, better endurance, and less fatigue.

Sports activities demand the body to have an increased oxygen supply and secret wastes quickly. A sports massage therapy increases blood flow to the vital organs and, speeds up the secretion of nitrogen, phosphorous and sodium chloride.

For these reasons, make regular appointments with a massage professional. A massage therapy not only feels pleasant, but it also serves to improve your overall health.



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