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January 16, 2018
Jump in the Jacuzzi and enjoy time with friends
January 16, 2018
Jump into the ice pool at AMO Canggu

Ice Pool

Contrast the heat of the steam room with a quick blast in the ice poolIf you are in Bali on a holiday, or for any other reason, you should not miss out on a spa experience at AMO Spa. This is Bali’s best spa and it has operating for almost a decade. Led by model and actor Navia Nguyen from New York, AMO Spa Bali is your best choice if you care about your appearance. AMO Spa offers a wide range of treatments for hair care, beauty care, and nails. The famous Bali massages also form part of their services. At the AMO Spa, you can indulge in luxurious treatments, relax, and forget about your worries as you experience the Spa’s inimitable simultaneous treatment philosophy.

Actually, you should not limit yourself to just one treatment at the AMO Spa because it is a lifestyle destination. AMO has facilities perfect pedicures and manicures to not only holidaymakers and expats but also locals in Seminyak and Canggu. Moreover, AMO’s Mobile Spa brings quality service to your doorstep, meaning the hotel or villa where you stay during your vacation in Bali. Stylish and modern AMO facilities boast of creating the right ambience by way of soft music and lighting for relaxing treatments. AMO Spa is the best place to celebrate beauty with a worship of nature. This is because it also offers healthy food made using the best of homegrown produce in addition to all spa treatments. The natural products used for treatments are also sourced from the roof-top garden of AMO. This is to say that this is the only place where you get to enjoy the delicious menu at the café and experience the stunning spa treatment results.

At the AMO Canggu café, you can choose what you want from a wide range of cold pressed juices, Go Green coffee, teas, and delicious salads. The items in the café’s menu just tickle your taste buds and enhance your health.

As you enter the Spa, you will get to know at the reception that you can choose from 1000 nail polish shades when visiting the nail salon. At the Spa, the sauna, steam room, ice pool, and Epsom salt Jacuzzi will all work to provide you with a revitalising experience.

For the complete hot and cold spa experience, brave jump into the ice poolHeat and cold therapies are often used effectively in treating pain and inflammation. This is because they promote improvements in range of motion of body segments and injured joints. This allows you to quickly start rehabilitative activities after the injury. An ice bath in AMO Spa gives provides you with the same beneficial effects that cold therapy provides to you. At Bali, you are likely to involve in strenuous activities and a cold therapy session helps you to prevent muscle injuries and trauma. Cold therapy, also known as cryotherapy, offers a range of health benefits including relief from acute injuries caused to your musculoskeletal system.

A bath in a pool of ice-cold water reduces your metabolic rate, circulation, inflammation, pain, and muscle spasms. As the surface of your skin becomes cool, the underlying tissues also become cold. This, in turn, causes your blood vessels to become narrow. Narrowing of the blood vessels is referred to vasoconstriction which causes the volume of blood flowing to the injured area to reduce. This results in reduced inflammation. Vasoconstriction induced by cold water serves to decrease the chances of your cells dying due to a shortage of oxygen. This is because cryotherapy brings down the metabolic rate and oxygen requirement of your cells.

At AMO, you can make use of the sauna to get the benefits of heat therapy. If you use them alternatively, you can enjoy the benefits of contrast therapy as well. While ice therapy serves to flush away cellular debris, speed up healing, and reduce pain, heat application helps to improve circulation, the availability of nutrients to the injured area, and enhance the healing process. Actually, you should take time out and experience all that AMO offers when visiting Bali. View the wide range of treatments and book online for the very best of spa experiences.


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