If you are looking for a lifestyle destination in Bali, you don’t need to look further than AMO Spa. where you can get pampered with an indulgent massage and luxurious beauty treatments. In addition to making sure that you look and feel your best, AMO Spa strives to take your health to the next level by offering you the best food from their cafe.  Start your day the right way with a hearty and healthy breakfast choosing from a range of tempting options on the “All Day Breakfast Menu”. All the items in the menu are packed with goodness and in addition to tickling your taste buds, they further enhance your feeling of well-being.

Feel the health benefits of a relaxing Jacuzzi Sitting in a Jacuzzi offers several health benefits, both mental and physical. Amongst other conditions,  they have been found to be very helpful for people with osteoporosis. This is because the buoyancy reduces the impact caused to the joints when performing underwater exercises. This improves mobility and strength. A Jacuzzi is a good place to relax, especially with friends and family members. You can spend quality time together chatting or sipping a drink. You will feel soothed and relaxed not only physically but also mentally. The time you spend in the tub could be used for getting a reflexology massage as well. The stimulation of thousands of nerve endings at your feet contributes to improving your mood and the feeling of well-being. For maximum health benefits, our hot Jacuzzi uses Epsom salts.  It is also effective in treating sore joints and muscles. Inside the tub, the water jets provide hydro massage and you can direct them to specific body parts by simply moving around. You may have to adjust your body a little bit so as to receive the full pressure of the jet. At full intensity, they provide deep-tissue massage and this helps to soothe aches and pains.

The jetted bathtub helps to heal sports injuries because the heat helps to soothe muscle spasms and speeds up the recovery time. When you are in Bali on a vacation, you may be involved in a lot of activities which could cause a lot of muscle aches and pains. A jetted bath is the a great way to relax; get relief from muscle pains and be ready the next day for more activities and shopping. As the hot water raises your body temperature, the blood vessels get dilated. This contributes to blood circulation improvement, specifically to the extremities. People with arthritis experience improvement in movement and reduction in pain at the joints. A soak in the Jacuzzi invigorates you and improves the performance of your heart and lungs.

Jump in the Jacuzzi and enjoy time with friendsEpsom salt hastens the process of easing muscle pain, reduction of inflammation, and flushes toxins from your body. When combined with the jet tub’s therapeutic effects, Epsom salt is the best remedy for your sore body.

You may come to AMO Canggu for just a single treatment. However, it is a good idea to take some time off to indulge in all that the Spa has to offer. It would definitely be a satisfying experience that you will cherish for years. This is because AMO Spa in Canggu is inspired by neo-pagan philosophy and in combination with a love for and worship of nature; it offers a truly unrivaled experience.

Other options available at the AMO Spa in Canggu for enjoying further health benefits include the sauna bath, steam room, and ice pool (cold plunge pool). You can relax at the Social Spa and get pampered along with your friends and family members. At the treatment area, you can enjoy the simultaneous treatment philosophy of AMO. Up to four expert therapists provide you with manicure, pedicure, as well as the cream bath. AMO’s specially designed Bali massages are done in serene massage rooms.


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