Massage Bali Seminyak

If you are seeking the ultimate massage treatment while in Bali, AMO Spa is the place to go. AMO Spa is a stylish and sophisticated day spa offering a wide array of services including an inviting range of massage treatments. New York entrepreneur and former model Navia Nguyen is the creator and director of this beauty spa that has locations in Seminyak and Canggu as well as a mobile spa.

AMO Spa employs a team of professional and experienced massage therapists who will help you relax as they go to work treating your body. You also get to enjoy the benefits of acoustic therapy through the relaxing music incorporated in the massage treatments. Any spa treatment would not be complete without aromatherapy. At AMO Spa, you can choose from a range of massage oils with distinct aromatic smells to accompany your massage.

Massage Bali Seminyak Visit AMO SpaThis beauty spa utilizes fresh and handcrafted spa products that have been acquired from local sources. With all the activities that you can engage in while in Bali, you are sure to develop aching muscles. AMO’s specially designed massages can be the best holiday treat after a long day of touring the Island of the Gods. The main reason why people choose massage Bali Seminyak is for relaxation. However, massages have a lot more benefits to offer.

For centuries, people from all parts of the world have practiced massage therapy for its health benefits. These health benefits have scientific backing and AMO Spa aims to offer you all of these. Massages improve blood circulation. This facilitates the transport of oxygen and nutrients to your organs and body tissues. For this reason, massages have an effect on your body natural healing process.

Massages also help in boosting your immunity. They stimulate the flow of lymph, which is a key component of the natural defense system of your body. Improved immunity and blood circulation are beneficial to the health of your skin. Massages also help to reduce body aches and pain. It is the second reason why many people come for massages at AMO Spa.

Following our massage treatments, your overused or injured muscles will be relaxed and softened. This greatly reduces your chances of developing muscle cramps and spasms. Given that many people in Bali love to take long walks along the warm sandy beaches, the massages come in handy afterward. A massage can help alleviate pain after strenuous physical activities and also reduce recovery time. This is the reason why people who
take part in sports get massages often.

Indulge in a massage Bali Seminyak at AMO SpaIf you suffer from lower back pain, a complete massage treatment may be what you need to decrease the pain and increase your range of motion. In the case of individuals with limited muscle movement, regular massages can stretch the muscles, prevent shortening, and increase flexibility at the joints.

Another largely unknown benefit of massages is reduction and realignment of scar tissue following surgery. You will feel great after a massage treatment at AMO spa as your body releases endorphins; your body’s feel-good hormones. These are the hormones released whenever you are doing something that you enjoy. Endorphins are essential for your physical and mental well-being.

AMO Spa offers the exotic Balinese massage, which has been part of the Balinese culture for many generations. AMO has gone further and improved on this massage technique after consulting an expert orthopedic surgeon. It is referred to as the Rejuvenate Me massage. During this massage, warm tones are aligned along your body using long strokes. The massage therapist then applies soft to medium pressure using the deep tissue and lomilomi massage techniques.

The massages offered by AMO Spa can be classified into three categories. These are full body, head, and shoulder as well as feet and hands. The full body massage aims to soothe and eliminate aches, pains, and tension in all the major areas of your body.

You can go two ways with this massage. There is the full body massage for pure relaxation purposes and one that offers deeper treatment. The latter has been specifically designed by an orthopedic surgeon. Both massage treatments will leave you relaxed, energized and revitalized.

The head and shoulder massage treatment is recommendable if you seek to relax and relieve stress. These massages can be great for eliminating tension around your neck area. You can select either the 30 or 60-minute massage. Most guests select this massage as a complementary treatment to other AMO spa treatments.

If you have had a long day exploring all the corners of Bali, you can opt for the feet and hands massage. The massage therapists at AMO spa employ reflexology techniques and treatments that will leave your hands and feet feeling loosened up.

In order to add to the luxurious and indulgent experience, AMO spa offers incredible extras to your massage treatment. These extras include scrubs for your legs, arms, hands and feet, face masks and collagen fleece eye masks as well as dry brushing.

In addition to getting an excellent massage, AMO SPA Canggu boasts an excellent café serving healthy and tasty dishes. This spa is inspired by nature’s power and neo-pagan ideology. The spa features calm and private massage rooms where professional massage therapists utilize massage oils and soothing music to provide the best massage experience in Canggu.

The third location is wherever you want it to be. It is the AMO Mobile Spa. Guests who loved the AMO spa experience suggested that AMO bring the same magic to their doorsteps and that is what AMO spa did.

AMO Mobile offers the same exceptional treatments at the convenience of your villa or hotel if you have special events arranged. The great thing about AMO’s mobile spa services is that they maintain the same high standards present at their brick and mortar locations.

AMO Spa is one of the places you must visit while you are in Bali. The beauty spa employs well-trained, experienced, and friendly staff and also utilizes top of the range techniques and products to ensure you have an unforgettable massage experience.

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