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Canggu is a beguiling holiday hub in Indonesia that’s increasingly becoming the place to be in Bali. Visitors are attracted by the pristine beaches, the terraced rice paddies, and the vibrant local culture. Apart from the thrill-packed surf and nature adventures, bliss awaits you in the best massage parlors in Canngu.

At the end of a vacation, only three things matter; the memories you have, how you feel and how you look. A full massage Canggu will leave you with unforgettable memories. The massage therapies here are careful strokes of wellness and rejuvenation. You will have a chance to explore several techniques that will transform your appearance and assuage your physical and emotional troubles.

Massages at AMO Spa Canngu promote serenity of soul, mind, and body. Find peace in oneness with nature and as that happens, gifted masseuses will be giving your body all their best without holding back. This high degree of tranquility and gentle care forms part of Canggu’s charm.

After a trek through beautiful rice paddies and blissful beach activities, a backrub is a no-brainer. At AMO Spa Canggu, three types of massages will activate a cascade of happiness, energy, and wellness in you. The massages incorporate top quality ingredients and aromatic oils.

Our bodies need to wind down from the pressures of life. If you listen carefully, your body communicates its troubles through your mood. If you choose to ignore that, pangs of pain and later troublesome health conditions will follow. You can be wise and decide to treat yourself with tender love and care. A massage therapy will help you be strong, feel good and stay healthy. Below are types of massages that AMO has designed to rejuvenate aching muscles and enhance wellness.

Rejuvenate Me Massage

Massage Canggu, experience the very best at AMOAMO Spa exclusively offers this massage therapy. A qualified orthopedic surgeon has designed the massage therapy. It is a form of deep tissue massage that uses warm stones aligned along the body. What follows is long deep strokes and a combination of pressure point and lomi lomi massage techniques. This innovative massage therapy has been known to have many health benefits.

For starters, the Rejuvenate Me Massage helps to reduce lower back pain and heal the pain in the joints. With a regular massage therapy carefully designed by a medic, you can flush the pain meds down the drain. This massage can also help to reduce and realign scar tissue when healing has occurred after surgery.

Likewise, the Rejuvenate Me Massage at AMO Spa may help to reduce your migraines. This new medically researched massage has been found to take away the tensions associated with chronic headaches.

The Rejuvenate Me massage is also ideal for those with high blood pressure. This type of deep tissue massage will improve blood circulation in your body and improve the health of your internal organs and skin. After this massage, no one will miss youthful glow and energy. It will be written on your face.

Beyond that, the Rejuvenate Me massage will relieve your fatigue after a hard day of work or play. Intuitive massage techniques are employed to sooth the pain in the deep tissues and ease away soreness and inflammation. You don’t have to jump on a plane with a limp from your exhausting Bali vacation. Schedule an appointment at AMO Spa for healing and renewal.

Relax Me Massage

Massage Canggu doesn’t come better than an AMO massageIt is sensual, gentle and relaxing. This back rub is another advanced massage therapy offered exclusively at AMO Spa. This massage injects a type of calmness and delight into your life not only for fun but also for health purposes. Its common knowledge that a large number of health conditions are caused by mental stress and emotional pain. Sadly, psychological distress is our usual cup of tea at work and home with family. It puts us at risk of heightened blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and other health conditions. Luckily, the Relax Me massage is crafted explicitly for stress alleviation.

The Relax Me massage is a tender alternative to the Rejuvenate ME massage. It uses soft to medium pressure for your ultimate relaxation. As you lie on that comfortable bed with gentle hands dandling you, the relief will spread to your mind body and soul. It can either be full body or head and shoulder, or feet and arms. This rub down is a perfect blend of bliss and rejuvenation.

Here is the deal; the Relax Me Massage will dramatically reduce your anxiety and depression. It works by diminishing the number of stress hormones in your body. Even better, the Relax Me Massage will motivate your body to produce serotonin, the hormone of happiness and calmness. The masseurs will squeeze, stroke and rub out your blues. You will leave the Spa in high spirits.

Similarly, if you are sick and tired of insomnia, the answer lies in the Relax Me Massage. Sleep in itself is a useful drug- it serves to relax the mind, boost your immunity and heal depressive moods. The Relax Me Massage will induce and entice your body to fall in deep rest. To top it off, the therapists will use techniques that will improve your flexibility and help your body to detoxify.

Apart from their advanced backrub techniques, below are additional factors that make AMO Spa one of the best massage service providers in Canggu.

  • It has a social spa area where you can reunite with family and friends
  • There is a restaurant in the spa where you can indulge in a healthy meal
  • There is a nail salon offering the highest quality manicure and pedicure
  • You can also get your hair done at the AMO Spa Hair Salon within the same facility
  • The massages use safe organic products

So why wait? Book your space online for a tantalizing massage experience at AMO Spa Canggu. You will be energetic and live a happy painless life.



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