Massage in Seminyak

A visit to Indonesia would be incomplete without visiting Bali, the home to stunning beaches seen nowhere else on earth. In the heart of the Island, you will find world-renowned Seminyak. This is the upscale end of the Island where people with a taste for the finer things in life come to surf, dine, shop and have a good time. This famous destination boasts a thriving nightlife with concerts, exclusive parties and other forms of entertainment. To make the most of this you’ll want to be looking and feeling your best, so a trip to AMO Spa should be on your list.

Massage in Seminyak, sooth away those aches and painsWhat’s better to get you in the mood for another day of activity than a massage in Seminyak? This is a popular activity as people try to unwind after a long day or simply give their bodies a special treat. Indonesia as a country is known for massage techniques and variations may by found throughout this archipelago nation.

Since you are in Seminyak a Balinese massage is certainly worth trying. As the name suggests this is a type of massage native to Bali. Our therapists deliver a blend of shiatsu, reflexology, Swedish, hot stone, and other traditional types of massage to achieve total harmony between the physical body, mind, and soul. In addition, to the stretching and application of pressure, a massage at AMO also includes aromatherapy for a more calming effect on the nerves. As a holistic treatment, this specialized form of massage has countless advantages including; improved circulation, elevated mood, relief to tense muscles and joint pain among other forms of healing.

AMO Spa is a serene location where you will be treated like royalty. The friendly staff and masseurs have been trained to deliver the most luxurious experience this Island destination has to offer. At the Seminyak Spa, you can enjoy a traditional Balinese massage in total privacy and clients are allowed to choose their preferred therapists.

As a modern spa, AMO strives to provide a new experience to tourists and locals hoping to eke the benefits of a good stretching. In consultation with an orthopedic surgeon, we developed the Rejuvenate Me massage. This is a wonderful blend of lomilomi, pressure point and deep pressure massage designed to relieve aching joints and limbs. To start the Rejuvenate Me therapist will apply some warm hot stones along the body in long strokes to improve blood circulation to affected limbs. At the end of this special treatment, you will receive a cucumber
mask to cleanse the pores. To remove the excess oil from your skin, the therapists at AMO Spas use warm towels soaked in lavender.

Massage in Seminyak should be on your holiday itineraryThis treat is an exclusive offer at AMO Spas but it isn’t the only special offering here. If you don’t want a pressure points treatment, try the Relax Me massage. It is inspired by the traditional Balinese massage but only at medium pressure. It is the perfect choice for anyone trying to relax after a long shopping trip to the island.

At AMO Spa we take great pride in offering a wide range of services to our esteemed clients. While a full body pampering is the best choice while on vacation, some people may not have enough time for it. Not to worry though, as our spa has options that will keep you calm on a tight schedule. The head and shoulder massage for 30 or 60 minutes will take away the tension from sitting at your desk all day. You could also come to AMO for a loving reflexology session on your hands and feet. Other than the basic massage, we offer a number of extras just to spruce up the spa experience. Body scrubs, masks, and dry brushing are just some of the other things we do to keep our visitors relaxed, refreshed and ready to face another day.

Our services are designed to match the beautiful beaches of Bali Island. We aim to help all our clients reach a point of total relaxation where all troubles are forgotten and there is nothing but serenity. Using a special blend of old and new, AMO Spas have become an important part of the idyllic resort area. Without our exemplary services, the sightseeing, lunch dates, shopping sprees and surfing holidays wouldn’t be the same. By offering the best massage services we ensure that visitors to Seminyak are always relaxed and ready for the next experience in their travels.

AMO Spas are a must-visit spot for anyone looking for a truly Balinese experience. Our therapists are that special addition to the mix that makes your trip more exciting than usual. Once you visit for the first time, you’ll be sure to want to visit again and again.



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