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Seminyak is a mesmerizing holiday hub in Bali, Indonesia. Adventurers can’t get enough of the surf, the pristine beaches, and the terraced rice paddies. However, after a day of indulging in Mother Earth’s thrills, your joints may be creaking, and your muscles will be aching for a soothing massage. That’s where AMO Spa Seminyak comes into it’s own, offering a range of massage treatments.

Massage Seminyak doesn’t come better than an AMO Massage.Outdoor enthusiasts will tell you that only three things matter after a vacation. Your memories of the experience, how you feel, and how you look. Massage therapies at AMO are designed for holistic wellness and rejuvenation. Massage therapies here are a journey of exploration of Balinese techniques and natural products.

Massages at AMO Spa Seminyak promote serenity and harmony of the soul, mind, and body. That is possible, aided by the tranquil atmosphere in the spa. There are soft lights in the facility, and during the therapy, you can enjoy soothing music and aromatic scents.

The masseurs give their very best to the job, they are experts in the body. Moreover, all the staff at AMO Spa carry themselves with the utmost professionalism. This involves courtesy and friendliness, excellent customer service and competence. These are just some of the reasons why AMO Spa forms part of Seminyak ‘s charm. It’s a gem awaiting exploration.

Massage is a no-brainer after a hard day of shopping or touring. Then again, you don’t have to put up with lower back pain or pain due to sports injuries. Instead of popping pills, get a back rub. It will also lighten your mood.

Massages at AMO include the unique Rejuvenate Massage and Relax Me Massage. Those constrained by time can find pleasure in the head and shoulder or hands and feet massages. These treatments can also be done as part of a mani-pedi package. The massage treatment will help you feel good, be strong and stay healthy.

The massages incorporate top-drawer ingredients and aromatic oils. AMO Spa’s massage oils and body scrubs used are organic and safe. Apart from inducing that feeling of relaxation the natural massage oils will also nourish and protect your secret. That’s why people come out looking youthful and dashing.

If you need a deep massage that packs plenty of health benefits, you must try the Rejuvenate Massage. It is meant explicitly for healing pain and reducing fatigue. The masseurs will handle your body the right way with techniques they have mastered from many years of experience.

The deep tissue massage at AMO Spa Seminyak incorporates traditional healing techniques and western medicine. An orthopedic surgeon designed this, and its been proven effective in healing injuries, lower back pain, and joint pains.

The rejuvenate massage will help to improve blood circulation in your body. And again, this massage activates the flow of lymph. A free flow of lymph aids in detoxification and relaxation. Buts that’s not all, this treatment will reward you with a beautiful, young and radiant skin.

Those who like to incorporate a body scrub in this massage can expect to be rubbed down with coconut oil. The masseuses will then pamper your body with sea mud and volcanic clay. This session ends with three warm showers. The scrub does wonders for the skin.

Beyond that, the Rejuvenate Me massage will relieve your migraines and fatigue. The lomilomi techniques employed will sooth your deep tissue aches and reduce soreness and inflammation. When you head back home after your holiday, you will be oozing with freshness and vitality.

Massage Seminyak – visit AMO SpaThe Relax Me Massage, on the other hand, is AMO’s gentle version of the Balinese massage. Now get this; Relax Me Massage is the best treatment for fatigue and emotional lethargy. This full body rub injects a sense of relaxation, calmness, and pleasure in your life. It’s known to be a preventive measure against illnesses such as high blood pressure and stroke among other diseases.

Warm stones will be placed on your body during the massage. The therapists use light strokes with soft to medium pressure. As the therapists work on you with gentle hands, the relief will spread and seep deep into your body, mind, and soul. It’s perfect bliss.

Here is the kicker; the Relax Me massage at AMO Spa in Seminyak will radically reduce your depression and anxiety. That’s because the light strokes and warm stones stimulate your body to release endorphins. These hormones induce delight and calmness. This massage is also suitable for those struggling with insomnia.

The hands and feet massage is brief but comprehensive. You can have that between your mani-pedi, or after waxing and facial treatment. This massage therapy begins with bathing and exfoliation. The masseurs will use techniques that include palm pressure and foot reflexology to improve blood circulation and enable relaxation.

Why should you consider this massage? The answer is simple; it helps to sooth reaching feet and relax tense muscles in the ankles, toes and the arches. It works by reducing pressure in the balls of your feet and ankles. It is the perfect sleep-inducing therapy after a tiring day in Seminyak’s outdoors.

You can also get a head and shoulder massage at AMO Spa Seminyak. It will help you unload the stress accumulated from continuous physical exertion. It is brief but falls nothing short of mind-blowing. It’s a quick way to revitalize and finish your vacation in style.

Here is another exciting thing; AMO Spa Canggu houses a café, a hair salon and spa bath facilities in the same building. This is the place where you can access a wide variety of beauty treatments including hair care, manicure, pedicure, facials, and waxing. The café serves mouthwatering dishes and drinks that will form part of your Bali holiday memories.

Don’t wait, book an appointment at AMO for a tantalizing massage plus more. Nothing beats that on a Bali vacation. You will live a long healthy life full of happiness.


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