Nail Salon in Seminyak

Seminyak is a place to experience sheer luxury. From resorts leading to sunbathing spots on the beach to panoramic scenery, this is a place of hypnotic beauty. Tourists become addicted to visiting this area where they can totally relax surrounded by the ocean and the finer things in life. The unmatched beauty of Seminyak is probably part of the reason why the reason why locals and visitors have developed a taste for the best. The beach is a popular tourist attraction and rightfully hosts some of the best places to unwind in Indonesia. There is only luxury to have in Seminyak, whether you are shopping, exploring or partying. The things to do in this destination can quickly take a toll on your image, calling for a pedicure, manicure or facial. Whenever you need to get these done, be sure to come to AMO Spa, the leading nail salon Seminyak.

AMO Spa is an easily recognizable brand in Bali, and beyond. We offer a wide range of beauty services including massage, beauty treatment, and hair care. In Seminyak, we have a nail salon that caters to locals, expatriates and repeat visitors alike. At the nail salon, we offer a wide range of services including pedicure and manicures.

Nail salon SeminyakIf you want to have your nails looking perfect for a date or any other special occasion, we are the perfect choice. AMO is a brand with a great reputation for using the best quality products applied by the most skilled professionals in the best of settings. Here you can indulge in a variety of luxurious nail treatments that will make you the envy of your friends. You can choose from more than 1000 polish colors to match your mood and your outfit. From Gel to Shellac, AMO Spa have a range of designer brands for the discerning client to choose from. We feature designer products including L’Oréal, Janssen and Makeup 4Ever. We have a range of products made of locally sourced materials. These were designed to help us achieve the best results with the pedicure, manicure or beauty treatments provided to clients. We usually combine products with herbs and tinctures to achieve unique results.

During a manicure or pedicure, it can be difficult to pick a shade, style or nail polish brand to match your personality but no need to worry. Our friendly staff are only too eager to explore colors, brands, and styles with you until there is a consensus. They will patiently listen to your needs, and ask about your reasons for seeking the treatment before making a few recommendations. It is only when you feel satisfied that our manicurists or pedicurists will start the transformation.

If you want a manicure, expect only the highest quality at AMO. It will start with your hands being soaked in Potion EO blend and a selection of fizzy milk balls. This is followed by filing or cutting your fingernails before conditioning the cuticles. This process also involves pushing back or cutting cuticles before buffing and smoothing the nail plate. Finally, the Potion hand sanitizing spray and your choice of moisturizer are applied to mark the end of your relaxing manicure.

Give your nails the treatment they deserve at the leading nail salon SeminyakAMO Nail Salon also offers pampering for your feet in the form of a pedicure. When you walk into the salon and request a pedicure, your feet will be thoroughly washed in Potion fizzy milk balls and EO blend before conditioning with a special cuticle oil. What follows is pushing back or removing cuticles before buffing to smooth the nail bed. With your nails taken care of, the pedicurist will move on to the soles of your feet. A pumice stone sanitized with alcohol is used to remove dead skin. For those with tough calluses we use Credo razor scraping and for safety, a new razor is opened for each client. Finally comes the sanitizing and deodorizing foot spray and a moisturizer. The pedicure isn’t complete without polishing your nails and applying your preferred nail art. Whether you need decals, stickers, ridge filler base coats or matte top coating there isn’t a better nail salon in Seminyak to deliver just what you need.

We at AMO know that when someone walks into our salon they want to walk out looking and feeling like a million dollars. This is why in addition to the nail treatments we offer facials, face, and body makeup as well as hair removal. We offer waxing services for all body parts including upper lips, eyebrows, and cheeks.

Our makeup team is made of true artists who don’t just apply mascara or layer lipstick. They connect with the client to be able to enhance strong features and perfectly frame the face. With smoky eyes, brow tinting, eyelash perming, extensions, and other makeup services available, it is no wonder the nail salon is ever packed. To the AMO team, each day is special and they want all clients to leave looking ready to rock the world.

You can only enjoy the luxuries of Seminyak when looking good and feeling great. Don’t let ugly nails ruin your dinner date or a bad hair day cause your embarrassment at the beach. Our stylish spa offers services that leave people in awe of the uniqueness and transformative effect. If you want to stand out like a stunning Seminyak sunset, walk into AMO Spa.

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