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Seminyak is a charming resort town on the coast of Bali. All your wanderlust dreams will come true at this destination endowed with nature’s beauty. AMO Spa will help you prepare your beach-friendly look with a with a manicure or pedicure and nail embellishment. Bali holidays start and end at AMO Spa. This place is where adventurers go to give their nails a treat, transform, recharge and refresh.

Look no further than AMO, an unbeatable nail salon SeminyakA fashionable person understands that nails are just like apparel. They are the first impression we make about ourselves. They can speak of beauty, confidence, and style, or they can tell a miserable story. With the high service standard at AMO, you can expect that your nails will look dazzling.

Your Seminyak bucket list should include AMO Spa nail salon. The passionate manicurists at this spa will help you get ready for your special event coming up. It might be a get together with friends, a dinner date or a wedding. No matter the current condition of your nails, the nail specialists will create masterpieces on your fingers and toes.

At this Spa headed by New York supermodel Navia Nguyen, you will get to shed off the old worn out self and come out looking new. Visitors appreciate the deep sensual massage they receive in between the manicure session as them ails dry. This massage is essential to de-stress, energize and uplift your spirits. It is how to swagger up for your beach day bliss.

The friendly staff, the premier nail products, and the cozy atmosphere at AMO Spa will blow you away. When you first enter the salon, you step into serene tranquility. This nail salon has a clean air of sweet-smelling aromas. Soft lights light the lounge, and relaxing music will be caressing your ears as the manicurists work on you. There is a mini-café on the building so you can order a drink to sip on as you savor the pampering session.

AMO Spa Seminyak has many manicurists that will attend to your needs without you having to wait long. You will be received with warmth and friendliness and introduced to a whole new world of beauty and wellness. The nail experts demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism. They are dedicated to giving an impeccable service, and they start that by building rapport with you.

You will have a free consultation to get insights into nail care and nail products that work best for you. After the consultation, the indulging manicure session begins. You will be sitting in a comfortable reclining chair as the beauticians clean, trim and prettify your finger and toenails.

AMO Spa Seminyak uses the best nail products available in the market including brands like Potion EO, Cosmeceutical Organics, and polishes from Channel, Dolce, and Dior. Your manicure will start with a dip into in Potion EO blend and fizzy milk balls to soak your hands and toes. After that, the beauticians will set to clean your nails before proceeding. The logic behind deep cleaning before polishing is to help the paint stick on the nail plate without inhibitions. That makes the polish and embellishments durable and immune to chipping.

After the manicurists clean and dry your nails, trimming is next. In the manicurist’s book, trimming is the prominent part of nail care. Polish and embellishments are just an icing on the cake. Even so, the polish cannot look its best on untrimmed fingernails or toenails. At AMO Spa, nail trimming involves cutting off extra length and filing. The filing is done carefully from the edges towards the center so that your nails are not destroyed in the process.

When you’re looking for a nail salon Seminyak, be sure to visit AMOThe manicurists at AMO Spa know how to handle the cuticles. The trained beauticians understand that cuticles play a vital role in keeping the nails healthy, and so they will never cut them. Instead, your cuticles will be conditioned in potion EO cuticle oil. Once they become tender, they will be pushed back with care and gentleness. Your nails will then be moisturized with a Potion moisturizer that contains SPF.

The manicure session might end there for the gents, but there is so much in store for bold and beautiful women. Glamorization has just begun, so hang on. As your nails dry, the manicurists will sneak in a massage or two to get you to relax. After that follows painting and embellishing to give you your desired stylish look.

AMO Spa Seminyak has thousands of colors of nail polishes. These products are natural, safe and long lasting. All you have to is choose your favorite color, and the beauticians will pull a rabbit out of a hat. There are many varnish colors to choose from to attain that red-carpet flamboyance.

Painting starts with an application of a base coat polish on your nails. This first layer of polish is a pillar to hold the subsequent layers to protect from chipping and staining. After your nails dry, the glossy finish will be applied in thin layers to give your nails a stunning look.

You can expect outstanding nail art at this famed Seminyak spa. There are numerous jaw-dropping embellishments available. These include decals, flowers rhinestones, and stickers. We are talking about an ultramodern transformation significant enough to make Lady Gaga gag with envy.

A skilled manicurist will create striking patterns and shapes on your nails using a stencil. If that doesn’t tickle you, there is a wide variety of stickers you can try to attain that textured and bold look. These stickers come in various shapes, and they are suitable for those constrained by time. Now, a stylish lady will go for rhinestones- small sparkly gems are stuck on the nails for a luxurious finish.

Again, AMO Spa is rated as the best nail salon Seminyak because of the high standard of customer service, skilled manicurists and comfy atmosphere. The spa uses natural and safe products. The top shelf products will not only prettify your nails but also nourish and protect your skin. AMO Spa provides a expert beauty therapy, inspired by the experience of supermodel and actress Navia Nguyen.

If you desire, you can also indulge in the spa baths that include sauna, steam bath and Jacuzzi with Epsom salts, available at AMO Canggu. Or you could get a Balinese massage, a hairdo or facial. All are available under one roof.



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