Indulge in a range of beauty treatments leaving yourself feeling great and looking even better. Our extensive range of treatments include manicures and pedicures, oxygen and microdermabrasion facials, waxing, foot reflexology and eye brow services. If you’re preparing for that special occasion allow one of our makeup artists to take care of your look. We use only the highest quality products, including our own range of fresh locally sourced handcrafted products.

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Bali Nail Salon

Indulge in luxurious nail and beauty treatments at Amo Spa. With a nail polish selection of 700 different colours, we’ve got exactly what our discerning clientele require when looking for a high quality manicure or pedicure. Our ever-present following of local, expat and repeat holiday makers will attest, we take nails seriously. Amo is built on providing the highest quality nail experience you’ll find with a full complement of OPI, Gelish, Shellac and designer brands. As the best nail salon in Bali, we take caring for your nails seriously.

Nail Salon Bali

In addition to manicures and pedicures, we also provide a full range of beauty treatments. Benefit from the expertise of an Amo make-up artist. Or our Oxygen and Microdermabrasion facials with state of the art machines which are always a popular choice. Try the extensive menu of treatments for maintenance, relaxation and pampering. Blow dry/hair style bar, waxing, foot reflexology, foot soakology, and eyelash services are just some of the "on the go" treatments available at Amo Express and also at our spas in Canggu. Amo spa is here to help you achieve the well groomed look you’re after whilst also taking care of your hair, skin and nails.

Amo has launched its own range of fresh locally sourced handcrafted Spa products. With artisan antibacterial fizzies and the rare luxuries of exquisite foot soak experiences for hygiene and hydration. Make Up 4 Ever, Janssen Cosmeceutical Organics, L'oreal combined with Chinese herbs and homeopathic tinctures are just some of the eclectic mix of products on offer. Technology and hygiene meets the ancient healing arts from around the globe.

Nail Salon Canggu

Enter the Amo nail salon and experience a high quality manicure. Your manicure will start with a hand soak with Potion EO blend and a choice of Potion fizzy milk balls. We will then clean your nails and either cut or file them. We condition cuticles with condition Potion EO cuticle oil and they are then then removed or pushed back. The next step is to buff and smooth the nail plate. Your manicure will be completed with Potion hand sanitizing spray, and a choice of Potion moisturizer with or without SPF.

An Amo pedicure is an equally indulgent and quality experience. To begin, your feet will be washed with Potion EO blend and a choice of homemade Potion fizzy milk balls. After conditioning with Potion EO cuticle oil, cuticles are removed or pushed back. Your nail plate will be buffed and smoothed. After taking care of your nails, the soles of your feet will be scrubbed with an alcohol sanitized pumice and Credo razor scraping is also an option for tough and dead calluses on the bottom of your feet. Our staff will open and use a new razor blade for each client – we take hygiene very seriously and you can be rest assured that all of your treatments at Amo are undertaken with the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. To complete your pedicure, Potion sanitizing and deodorizing foot spray and a choice of Potion moisturizers will be applied. We offer a range of polishing treatments for both hand and feet nails including colour changes, French, OPI/ Essie and designer polishes. We also offer the option of nail art and care extras, including; ridge filler base coats, flowers, decals and stickers, nail repair (with nail glue) and matte top coating. You won’t find a better nail salon in Canggu.

We are pleased to provide a range of facial treatments that take care of your skin and help you to look great. Our Give Me Oxygen treatment is a full cleaning treatment. Clean, scrub and steam your skin with or without extractions. This is a 3 - phase oxygenating process using our oxygen machine. Firstly, the skin is sprayed with pure hydrating oxygen. Next Janssen Cosmeceutical serum ampoule infused with oxygen and pressured is sprayed on the face for maximum product absorption. Finally, your treatment ends with pure oxygen mask leading to total re-energization and relaxation.

Dead Skin B Gone is the treatment for fresh skin. Using Microdermabrasion machine exfoliation, this is a complete skin care facial regime consisting of cleansing, scrubbing, steaming, extractions and facial massage. This treatment leads to fresher, younger looking skin and collagen production is stimulated during this treatment creating an after glow. The treatment will be finished with moisturizer which can contain SPF depending upon your requirements. Dead Skin B Gone is the perfect option for normal, dry, oily or mature skin although we don’t recommend it if your skin is acne prone or sensitive.

Make Up Artist For That Special Event

Our complete range of eye treatments includes eyelash and brow tinting, eyelash perming and tinting, strip lashes, individual eyelash extensions, takeoff eyelash extensions and refill extensions. To complement our range of beauty treatments our clients also enjoy our makeup services. We offer Smoky eyes, natural long wear looks and special event makeup. We know that you want you to look your best and nothing makes the team at Amo Spa happier than knowing we’ve helped you achieve that. Indulge yourself in the full range of our treatments, relax and rejuvenate. Take care of your body and your wellbeing. From the physical and emotional benefits of massage, to knowing your latest hair cut is being completed by a creative and highly trained hairdresser, to nail care and beauty treatments that make heads turn, Amo Spa is here to put your needs first. Call into one of our stylish spas and find out for yourself why we have so many happy clients.

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Treat yourself to a high quality manicure or pedicure. Or why not both? We offer a full range of nail services, including colour changes, polishes and gels. Complete your treatments with extras including flowers, decals and stickers.


Pamper yourself with our high tech, results focused facial treatments. Choose an oxygen treatment for total cleansing, re-energization and relaxation, or take advantage of microdermabrasion exfoliation with a complete skin care facial regime. You’ll leave us with glowing healthy skin and a smile to match.


Your eyes are the gateway to your soul; make sure that yours look beautiful. From individual to strip eye lash extensions to eyebrow and eye lash perming and tinting, we do whatever you need to make your eyes sparkle.

Make Up

Allow an Amo make up artist to take care of your makeup, and walk away with a look ready for the red carpet! Experience the luxury of being made up by a personal make up artist as you get ready for your special event.


Amo Spa provide a range of waxing services for both male and females to make sure your body is beach ready. As well as all areas of the body, we offer specialised facial waxing, including reshaping eyebrows, cheeks, jawlines and upper lips.


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