Private Massage Rooms

A regular massage is great for relaxation, as well as having a range of health benefits. Techniques used result in healing from injuries, and you will also experience rejuvenation and relief from stress and fatigue. Indulge in a massage, and feel aches and pains, stresses and worries drain from your body.

There’s nothing better than excellent massages in private massage rooms.When considering where to have a massage, privacy is a big deal to many. It goes deeper than being conservative. It’s difficult to be comfortable when a massage therapy is done in an open setting full of different people.  For starters, open room massage settings are just too noisy. The masseurs may be talking to each other as they handle your body, and  a masseur who’s not concentrating on your body’s responses will never know what you need.

Then again, we all have different bodies and it’s natural to get shy even in a partially disrobed state. It’s much worse if that’s to be done in an open setting. Some spas use flimsy curtains that are not thick enough to curtail prying and eyes. This invasion of privacy is not worth the results of the treatment, no matter how well the masseuses do it.

A sophisticated man or woman deserves a special massage therapy experience. That is only possible with elegant private rooms that are designed for relaxation. AMO Spa will make your rejuvenation dreams materialize with beautiful private massage rooms.

Utmost cleanliness is maintained in AMO’s private massage spaces. The air is fresh and smells of aromatic scents that will lull you into tranquility. There is also soft lighting and soothing music during the therapy. Get ready for an out of this world experience.

Masseuses at AMO Spa’s massage rooms have only one task; to handle your body well. With a deeper level of concentration, the therapists will be watching how you react to different techniques. They will then use methods that best suit your current state of mind or health. For instance, for fatigue, the light pressure Balinese massage that uses warm stones is ideal. For those with pains in the joints and back, a deep tissue treatment like the Rejuvenate Massage will come in handy.

Enjoy a massage in on e of our private massage rooms.It’s hard not to experience satisfaction when a massage therapy is done by an enthusiastic masseuse. They work in silence, their hands speaking to your body in a tender and skillful manner. With no disturbances, back rubs in the private rooms will help you de-stress, and find relief from haunting pains during your Bali vacation.

Private room massage therapies at AMO inspire harmony between the soul mind and body. You will enter a state of calmness that you have never experienced anywhere else. Better still, you will be able to share this experience with your loved one. Did you hear that right? Yes. You and your partner can schedule a massage treatment and enjoy the privacy of AMO Spa’s secluded massage rooms.

That is the right way to celebrate an anniversary with your loved one. That is the best gift to give your lover on his or her birthday. Private massage therapy will do the trick. They will be appreciative when they emerge from the rooms feeling energetic and renewed.

Passionate therapists will listen to your needs and provide a range of massage therapies including a full body massage, head, and shoulder, hands and feet massages. Products and oils used at AMO Spa are all natural and of nutritious value to your skin. When the session ends, you will be perplexed at the youthful and radiant transformation of your skin.

These massage therapies will also help to improve your blood circulation, stabilize your blood pressure and rejuvenate worn out tissue and organs. Techniques used are based on Balinese healing practices, modern medicine and the concept of oneness with nature. Make your reservation now for a VIP-experience.


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