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  • BuddhaFleur Avatar
    2 weeks ago - TripAdvisor

    Good work but really noisy We’ve had massages, body scrubs, facials and eyelash extensions done here.
    We had Ani and Anti. I really like Ani for her strength and really working on my knots. My partner found his massage too light from Anti despite having asked for more pressure.
    We enjoyed the shower post scrub and mask more than the scrub itself. The shower heads are just directly above the bed, so you do not...
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    Brendo Avatar
    1 month ago

    Excellent Massage Thank you, Pak Tommo, for an excellent massage. Steam, Ice, Sauna, Coconut, Jacuzzi. I highly recommend the entire routine. You will love it!

    Cteagz Avatar
    1 month ago - TripAdvisor

    Canggu spas I visited amo Spa in Canggu and had a Great time.
    I had never tried an ice bath before and it was so challenging but my body felt amazing.
    There was a lovely sauna and steam room too with a cute garden that had such a chilled atmosphere

    Josephine Y Avatar
    Josephine Y
    1 month ago - TripAdvisor

    Great full body massage! Great therapist - Nengah and Riska! Served with a cup of ginger tea and the best banana chips! Best massage in Canggu and going back the second time today!

  • Carmen Wee Avatar
    Carmen Wee
    1 month ago - Google

    We had the rejuvenation massage which was amazing. Price wise was pretty value for money. Large space upstairs with plenty of seating. The staff was courteous and polite.

    996jayf Avatar
    1 month ago - TripAdvisor

    Great place to chill Highly recommend the spa area if you want to hang out in beanbags and take in an ice plunge, steam room, sauna or spa. If you like looking at insanely fit people in swimwear you won’t be disappointed either

    Елена Судакова Avatar
    Елена Судакова
    1 month ago - Facebook

    Прекрасное место для расслабления и ухода за телом. Вкуснейший кофе и десерты. А главное великолепный персонал, профессиональный внимательный и честный. Сегодня настолько расслабилась во время массажа и увлеклась смакованием вкусностей в кафе, что забыла здесь кошелёк с крупной суммой денег 🙈 спустя три часа вернулась в Amo spa на ресепшене вернули кошелёк в целости и сохранности всего содержимого 👏👏. Огромное спасибо🙏😊

    Allyson Uglow Avatar
    Allyson Uglow
    2 months ago - Facebook

    Amazing massage great amenities

  • patricia peukert Avatar
    patricia peukert
    2 months ago - Google

    This place is amazing! The staff is super friendly and I had the best massage in a very long time. 100% recommend going there :)

    Beau Parvin Avatar
    Beau Parvin
    2 months ago - Facebook

    best place n if you're a guy n like a deep tissue massage try a man didn't want to but tried one unreal ,🤟

    Ксения Шорохова Avatar
    Ксения Шорохова
    2 months ago - Google

    My go-to spa salon in Canggu (and I’ve been to many). Even though it is a bit pricey but in total it’s def worth it, especially with the sauna experience. Massages are very decent, one of the best I’ve had. I’m also positively surprised with their 30 min facials (very thorough and many treatments in only 30min). I want to separately talk about waxing — and I guess many will... read more

    hannaholia Avatar
    2 months ago - TripAdvisor

    Obsessed with my hair colour! Got my hair done with Boy at Amo, and I think it may be the best colour I've had! He was very gentle with how he did the hair, and it came out looking natural and exactly how I was wanting!! So happy with the experience. They also give you ginger tea, cucumber water and yummy plantain chips while you're there. A beautiful relaxing experience for a very affordable price.... read more

  • Ekaterina  Saifutdinova Avatar
    Ekaterina Saifutdinova
    3 months ago - Facebook

    I hope see you soon 08.08.2020 ❤️

    Kateřina Jeřábková Avatar
    Kateřina Jeřábková
    3 months ago - Google

    Wow! What a place! I am not one who goes to spa often but this place was out of this world! An excellent service, amazing relaxing massage when you choose aroma oil to your liking as well as how gentle/hard you want the massage to be. We got our nails done here as well at a beatiful set up overlooking the road, sipping a ginger tea and banana chips. Downstairs... read more

    AtawhaiM Avatar
    3 months ago - TripAdvisor

    A wonderful experience! My partner and I went for a massage here and it was fantastic!
    They take care to check you in prior to your massage with a form which is great and assists with smooth communication with the masseuse about the intensity you’d prefer. The staff were very professional and careful with previous injuries etc.
    It was so good I went back for a hair spa and was further blown away...
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    Wired G Avatar
    Wired G
    3 months ago - TripAdvisor

    Great Bali Spa Thanks for a great experience, really enjoyed it .
    Will be back soon, Jamillah was just fantastic and the venue is truely magic!

  • Ashley Ward Avatar
    Ashley Ward
    3 months ago - Google

    Fantastic spa experience! We did a Denial Package and were able to have both treatments together. The customer service was so nice from start to finish. The only bit of feedback was the foot/hand portion. The massages were great, but the chairs are very old and it's a bit distracting with people coming in and out. It wasn't a deal breaker though, we would come again for the quality of... read more

    Ashley Segura Avatar
    Ashley Segura
    3 months ago - Google

    Fantastic spa experience! We did a Denial Package and were able to have both treatments together. The customer service was so nice from start to finish. The only bit of feedback was the foot/hand portion. The massages were great, but the chairs are very old and it's a bit distracting with people coming in and out. It wasn't a deal breaker though, we would come again for the quality of... read more

    Emily Kellert Avatar
    Emily Kellert
    3 months ago - Google

    Really lovely spa experience here. Staff were very friendly. I had a massage and then spent some time at the sauna (ice baths and jacuzzis too). Prices are expensive for Canggu but so worth the experience you have (still cheaper than in EU or US).

    Diana C Avatar
    Diana C
    3 months ago - TripAdvisor

    Relax and get beautified at Amo Just finished at Amo Spa in Canggu with my hairdresser Boy- what a fantastic job he did. My hair needed some good love and after a really nice consultatation, he listened and made amazing suggestions. My final hair colours are simply fantastic. Great experience at this spa.

  • Wendy McGhie Avatar
    Wendy McGhie
    3 months ago - Facebook

    Great place. I’ll be definitely back

    Jennifer Haack Avatar
    Jennifer Haack
    3 months ago - Google

    The atmosphere and vibe of the spa are really nice. The shellac manicure I got was ok, I’ve had better. I feel like it’s lacking a top coat for proper protection. It didn’t last as long as it normally does.

    Julie-anne Bovell Avatar
    Julie-anne Bovell
    3 months ago - Facebook

    Great staff? Had a wonderful experience

    Sasha Pavlova Avatar
    Sasha Pavlova
    4 months ago - Google

    Manicure and pedicure quality is very good! Usually it’s quite hard to find a good place. I also had a hear treatment and a hear cut. All the staff were very professional! Would really recommend this place

  • Sharon May Toki Avatar
    Sharon May Toki
    4 months ago - Facebook

    love it highly recommend
    beautiful food.

    Nasjo E Avatar
    Nasjo E
    4 months ago - TripAdvisor

    Perfect quality for reasonable prices :) Going here at least 1 time a month to relax and recharge! Try the hairspa if you have long hair haha it’s my favorite.

    Linas Zajankauskas Avatar
    Linas Zajankauskas
    4 months ago - Google

    Took a while to get there from Seminyak, but the massage was well worth it- very thorough and firm pressure. Staff were accommodating with a lost wallet in Grab car and allowed us to use PayPal method. Thanks so much for your help (wallet came back)

    Juliette Rossato Avatar
    Juliette Rossato
    4 months ago - Google

    Got the 60 min “traditional oriental” massage. The facilities are nice and the customer services was good but the massage was not amazing. Not bad either though!

  • lil592019 Avatar
    4 months ago - TripAdvisor

    Professional business Clean, trained and fabulous. I had a massage, manicure and pedicure and walked out a relaxed, satisfied customer.

    maddi983 Avatar
    5 months ago - TripAdvisor

    Must visit, do not miss this place!! Amo spa was absolutely amazing!! We ended up there after a friend recommended it and I am so glad we listened to them!!
    I got a full body scrub and have honestly never felt so clean, staff were polite and professional making me feel so comfortable and at ease the entire time! I also got the LED facial and my skin was so clear and fresh after it.
    My friend got...
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    aishalea Avatar
    5 months ago - TripAdvisor

    Very indulgent My daughter and i went here last night, and we really loved it. They have a huge range of options, and are quick to respond by email to anyqueries, and booking requests. They made you feel welcome, important, and the treatments were just gorgeous. Its a bit pricey compared to many of the other spas, but money well spent!!! *feeling fabulous* More

    Jessica P Avatar
    Jessica P
    5 months ago - TripAdvisor

    Beautiful lashes I needed to get my lashes redone and was really nervous about going somewhere in Bali! It was really great :) she was pretty quick and very gentle. It was $40 CAD!

  • bea_sanz_corella Avatar
    5 months ago - TripAdvisor

    We come here all the time. For my hair, for treatments, for the sauna, for food We have been visiting amo spa since it open its doors and keep on coming back, not just for the treatments but also for food. It feels a bit like home now. I live all the staff and wouldn’t trust my hair to anyone else but Boy. He is a great professional and someone so nice and pleasant to have around. Yes we are amo fans !

    Belinda Saunders Avatar
    Belinda Saunders
    5 months ago - Facebook

    I had a hair wash, and cut at Amo and loved the outcome. Have had massage before and was very impressed. would go again when in Canggu next.

    Rhy H Avatar
    Rhy H
    5 months ago - Google

    Quality day spa, very modern clean and professional. I only had a wash and blow dry and it was perfection. Wish I had the time for more treatments. Highly recommend.

    Claire Harrigan Avatar
    Claire Harrigan
    5 months ago - Google

    Great place to steam, sauna, soak after a barre class at the canguu studio. Then lunch with the ladies on healthy delicious salads. Followed by a manicure pedicure. Perfect days outing.

  • Connie Frisch Avatar
    Connie Frisch
    5 months ago - Facebook

    Dejlig sted med en god og professionel behandling, både når det gælder frisør og massage🙏

    Julie Brown-Glamuzina Avatar
    Julie Brown-Glamuzina
    5 months ago - Facebook

    Always pampered here , professional staff , professional service , beautiful spa

    GisellaTandudjaya Avatar
    5 months ago - TripAdvisor

    Relaxing Spot in Canggu Unfortunately we were not going for Spa this time but only for chilling out with fam. at the Restaurant downstair, it's trully relaxing place with such a relaxing aroma therapy smell in most areas and even at the rest room. If you are looking for something healthy this is the place as they offer so many beautiful drinks and foods, tried the Down in the Valley smoothie hmmm its really... read more

    BruceOrlando Avatar
    5 months ago - TripAdvisor

    Wonderful massage!! Great cold plunge bath! We stopped by here on a recommendation and was impressed! We had a couples massage and also did the spa (cold and warm baths). The warm baths were not that hot but the cold was freezing! Perfect for recovering the muscles after a lot of Crossfit and running. Highly recommend!

  • Jenn Polanco - Bushwick Abroad Avatar
    Jenn Polanco - Bushwick Abroad
    5 months ago - Google

    I’ve quite literally had the best massage of my life. My masseuse was so lovely and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. The space was very immaculately clean and the room was serene. I love that I was able to select the kind of essential oil I wanted in my room. That was a nice touch. Also the prices were super affordable. With high class service, you get... read more

    Jenn Polanco Avatar
    Jenn Polanco
    5 months ago - Google

    I’ve quite literally had the best massage of my life. My masseuse was so lovely and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. The space was very immaculately clean and the room was serene. I love that I was able to select the kind of essential oil I wanted in my room. That was a nice touch. Also the prices were super affordable. With high class service, you get... read more

    Kerry Grinter Avatar
    Kerry Grinter
    5 months ago - Facebook

    The BEST Spa in Bali amazing treatments and the staff are also just as good.
    Definitely a must when in Bali,
    Would highly recommend AMO SPA,
    You will not be disappointed

    jen red Avatar
    jen red
    5 months ago - Google

    Great service and products. Their price is premium compared to the others around but the quality of their service is superb! they serve awesome cocktails too while you’re getting pampered! If you want to splurge and get a treat, come here. Thanks Amo spa!

  • Paige Valois - Expatriate Avatar
    Paige Valois - Expatriate
    5 months ago - Google

    I adore this place. I am a member for the spa, and I have had several treatments done as well, such as a massage. The massage rooms are private, which is worth the higher price. The oils they use are incredible. The spa portion includes a jacuzzi, steam room, ice bath, sauna, and salt bath. Half of it is outside so you can enjoy the sun during the day as... read more

    Margaret Fien Avatar
    Margaret Fien
    5 months ago - Facebook

    Relaxing massage .Clean and amazing staff

    Elise H Avatar
    Elise H
    6 months ago - TripAdvisor

    HAIR CUT AND COLOUR Love this place. Got my hair foiled, cut and blowdried by Boy and it looks amazing! It's always hard to find a good hairdresser overseas, especially for blonde hair, but I wouldn't go anywhere else! All the little extras make this place extra special.

    George Yasbic Avatar
    George Yasbic
    6 months ago - Google

    Such a great place to just relax, wind down and enjoy a hot/ice cold bath. The facility is second to none and has everything you could possibly want.

  • rawinia_judson Avatar
    6 months ago - TripAdvisor

    Best massage I've EVER had! I've been here twice now to get a massage and I can hands down say it's one of the best places I've been for a massage. I love how intuitive the massage therapists are with regards to the parts of your body which need extra love and attention. I'd highly recommend coming here to take some time to yourself and relax (or get out all the muscle tension). I'll 100%... read more

    tableandtide Avatar
    6 months ago - TripAdvisor

    One of the best spas in Bali and has some of the best food in Canggu! Tons of people have rated Amo high because of it's spa. There are various treatments one can get and/or experience here. From sauna to ice baths, a full salon and nail studio, waxing, and an amazing cafe; this place has it all.
    I have received various services here and the staff has always gone above and beyond.
    Would highly recommend coming here for any of your waxing needs as the...
    read more

    Hunlange Avatar
    6 months ago - TripAdvisor

    Best massage in a long time! Great for a good massage, and Gunawan is the most amazing massage therapist I’ve ever experienced. He’s very «body smart», and knows all the trigger points. 10 out of 10!

    Ester O Avatar
    Ester O
    6 months ago - TripAdvisor

    The best girls for nails Pipin and Rita :) I went ti have my nails done and Pipin and Rita was just excellent. Very professional and funny. Will ask for those two next time I’m here.

  • jodiewaugh Avatar
    6 months ago - TripAdvisor

    Best SNS nails I have been to Amo for their amazing microdermabrasion and I even facial which is amazing. But I had my nails done with SNS yesterday and I have to say Vanesa was so amazing. Her work is better than anything I have had in Australia. FABULOUS! So happy their is such high quality in Canggu!! Thank you

    Jamwally Avatar
    6 months ago - TripAdvisor

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Awesome atmosphere, great service, beautiful people and so helpful, especially seva. Loved my time there and was so relaxing plus a great place to get work done. Spa treatment is 5 stars and massage is the best, recommend to all my friends and anyone who goes to canggu, please go, it’s an experience like non other

    WadeSara Pahi Avatar
    WadeSara Pahi
    7 months ago - Facebook

    Highly recommend this place for all your health and beauty needs. We will definitely be coming back

    Wesley Tudor Vasile Avatar
    Wesley Tudor Vasile
    7 months ago - Google

    I absolute loved this spa centre . You definitely pay more but you truly get an amazing experience that is worth every dollar. The centre was super clean and the massage had great pressure. I also did the sauna afterwards and cold bath which was bliss . Check this out for sure

  • Paula Mota Avatar
    Paula Mota
    7 months ago - Google

    Atmosphere and great decoration!!
    However, Therapist Murni and Iluh are the best of the SPA! Really good therapist!!! Amazing nails and massage both of them!! Recommend a lot!

    Сева С Avatar
    Сева С
    7 months ago - TripAdvisor

    Stylish and professional haircut and highlight So grateful Amo Spa hair stylists for my new hairstyle. Feel refreshed and beautiful.
    And I really addicted to flat white at Amo Spa cafe with organic fresh pressed almond milk. Highly recommend food and beverages menu where you can find great choice of vegetarian meals

    elieshadi Avatar
    7 months ago - TripAdvisor

    Relaxing and Rejuvenating! I remembered having jetlag and tired body when I arrived in Bali. Amo Spa did magic on my body- had the best body massage ever!
    Not to mention, how it clears my mind and recharge my soul too. Imagine walking into Heaven on Earth with the beautiful scent and oil like
    "Wild at Heart" and "Fierce Happiness"
    - boy, how do one even choose!
    Come and enjoy yourself- it's SO good!

    Megan Vigil Avatar
    Megan Vigil
    7 months ago - Google

    If you're a digital nomad needing a place to work while you dine on amazing food in a peaceful environment, this is the place. Forgot your power converter (like I just did) No worries, they have ample built-in wall jacks representing your plugs, plus USB plug-ins. The spa treatments are fabulous and the service is five star. Such a cool place. The only problems is that tjeir forks suck.

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