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The secret to feeling good is looking good. Good hair can make or break your holiday experience. Then again your holiday experience can enhance or spoil your beautiful hair. What is the point? As you indulge in nature’s goodness, it is prudent to protect your hair. Bali is an exciting resort island of warm sandy beaches and charms that will make your adrenaline rush.

Locals and visitors alike live a constant pace of exploration, relaxation, and indulgence. If you happen to be in this enthralling part of the world, AMO Spa can help you look and feel your best.

How to take care of your hair on vacation in Bali

Give your hair the attention it deserves at AMO Spa, the best Salon Bali.Before you go to the salon for renewal and rejuvenation, there are simple steps you can take to protect your hair on vacation. Below are ways to keep your hair looking splendid and healthy in the tropical Bali weather

  • Condition your hair

Conditioning and moisturizing are essential to improve your hair’s elasticity. Deep conditioning also serves to protect your hair from the intense UV rays from the sun. With the right conditioning product, you will enjoy your time at the beach, worrying less about your hair. Hair experts recommend that you use a conditioner with a high SPF if you plan to go out on a tropical beach. Conditioner should be applied from mid-lengths to the ends. Applying the conditioner close to the roots may result in hair fall.

  • Wear a hat or scarf

If you plan on spending most of your days in the outdoors, then a scarf or hat will protect your hair as you chase excitement across the waters, on the soft sands, and on nature trails. A scarf is especially helpful if you have just recently colored your hair. Your hair color will look brilliant when you show up for the elegant dinners and cocktails in the evenings.

  • Rinse your hair thoroughly

Before you get into a chlorinated swimming pool, it’s crucial to rinse your hair carefully. Chlorine can leave your hair with a tinge. Your hair will absorb fewer chemicals if you rinse it with clean water before getting into the pool. After your swimming session, wash your hair with shampoo to remove chlorine.

  • Dry using a soft cloth

After your water sports activities, you need to wash your hair and dry it off. Don’t use your towel to dry off. That will weaken your hair. To reduce
breakage, squeeze out the excess water and use a cotton piece of cloth to dry.

  • Hair Treatments

You will need regular hair spa services to improve your hair health. The best salons in Bali use natural hair products that serve as nutrients to your hair follicles. But what are the characteristics of the best hair salon Bali? The answer is simple; you just have to be tickled by the atmosphere, their services, and their beauticians.

How to find the best salon in Bali?If you need your hair taking care of and are looking or a salon Bali, visit AMO Spa

  • Peaceful atmosphere

You will want a quiet and relaxing place to get your hair done. Hair care is not just about the hair; the best spas take a holistic approach that involves relaxing the mind. Look for a salon with comfortable lounges and reclining
seats. Look for a clean salon with some inspiring interior decor and soft music that soothes the soul.

  • Variety of services

The best beauty parlors provide an array of services including cutting, coloring or blow-outs and styling. Find a Bali hair salon where the beauticians can meet your expectations and allow your style to shine. For the best hairdos, you need to find a salon with experienced hairdressers. Beyond that, some salons offer a horde of other services including manicure, pedicure, massages, and waxing. Consider such facilities for its
efficient and cost effective to get all your spa treatments under a single roof.

  • Respectful staff

When you walk into the salon, you should be able to gauge how receptive the team is. You want to entrust your hair to courteous and friendly people who will understand your needs. In the best salons in Bali, the customer is treated like royalty.

For an elaborate hair care and styling in Bali, try AMO spa. This is a contemporary salon offering a wide variety of grooming and pampering services. Top among these include haircuts, coloring, and styling. The beauty parlor is characterized by a pleasant interior decor, aromatic smells, good lighting and numerous treatment options to suit every client’s needs. AMO Spa salon is ideal for anyone that desires a perfect and sophisticated hairdo.

What you can expect at AMO Spa salon in Bali

  • A team of highly trained beauty experts
  • A full range of cuts, colors, treatments, extension, and styling
  • A revitalizing experience in a relaxing atmosphere
  • Beard shaving for men
  • Wash and blow dry
  • High-quality hair products (including L’Oreal, Alfaparf and Wella colors)

What makes AMO Spa the best salon in Bali?

Whether you are a local with a special occasion or are just touring Bali for a short period, AMO Spa will take care of your needs. There may be other many salons in Bali, but here you can expect the ultimate salon experience. Beauty experts at the spa understand that a makeover is a big decision.

For that reason, before you get a significant hair change, the hairdressers will give an insightful consultation. You will be availed a variety of hairdo options to consider. The beauticians will listen to your needs so you can feel comfortable and get a style that best suits your personality and lifestyle.

Having your hair done at AMO Spa is not just about beautification; it’s about relaxation, enjoyment, and wellness on a deeper level.



  1. Lara PACKARD says:

    Hi there
    I am staying at the Hard Rock Hotel in Bali and would like to book for
    Shellac mani & pedi
    Blow dry (long hair)
    Sometime this Thursday between 11am and 4pm.

  2. Josie Harris says:


    I am looking for someone to come to my villa in pandawa to French braid my hair today.

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