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January 16, 2018
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January 16, 2018
Don’t forget the Sauna next time you visit AMO


Since time immemorial, societies have been using sweat therapy as a solution to various health problems. Modern medical geniuses have concluded, that sauna bathing is indeed effective in relieving depression, fatigue, and improving heart health. For your vacation in Canngu, enjoy this healthy pastime for revitalization. AMO Spa has the best sauna facilities in Canggu.

Jump in the sauna, relax and enjoy a range of health benefitsThe sweat room is a simple small room where the air is heated to high temperatures. This hot air stimulates your body to sweat, and flush out toxins. Vacationers have realized that they can sweat away their physical and emotional stress at the AMO Spa sauna in Canggu. It’s a simple act of self-love that will leave your body feeling relaxed, healed and looking beautiful.

If you are feeling exhausted from your adventures in Canggu, try the sauna at AMO Spa. Hot air bathing for just 20 minutes is sufficient enough to soothe your aching and throbbing muscles. There is increased blood flow to worn out muscle tissues. You will recover fast from fatigue and get back the energy to continue exploring all that nature has to offer in Canggu.

Medical research suggests that sweating in a hot room can help to improve your memory, especially in aging people. We can safely say that this is possible because of increased blood flow to the brain. The hot temperatures cause blood vessels to dilate, boosting blood circulation to all other organs of the body.

Apart from improving mental health, sweat baths can help you look several years younger. For that reason, sauna bathing is the most perfect natural anti-aging treatment not to be missed! What have you got to lose anyway? Only sweat.

Here is the point, aging is associated with a deposit of dead cells on the surface of the skin. Aging skin symptoms includes wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin. Fortunately, sauna bathing can remedy all that and return to you a firm, smooth and flawless skin without wrinkles. Regular sauna bathing helps to shed away dead cells. At the same time, the high temperatures activate the skin glands to release natural oils and antibiotics that will leave you with a glowing appearance.

If you are one of the vacationers straight from an office boardroom, you may have a hard time with beach sports or hiking activities. These vacation activities are extremely thrilling, no doubt about that, but your body will need some warm up first. AMO Spa sauna will help improve your tolerance level and strengthen your muscles, preparing you for exertion.

A trip to AMO Isn’t complete without some sauna time!Sauna bathing should be part of your to-do list in this resort village in the south of Bali. It’s how you will be able to enjoy your holiday with no downtime caused by aching muscles. You will have the ability to sustain your energy over an extended period.

It takes a high level of discipline to maintain our diet and exercise routines over the holidays. Most of us fall into the temptation of confectionaries, fast food, alcohol and minimal sleep. When you head back home, your weight will be busting at the seams. You can avoid that with regular sauna bathing. Also with a visit to AMO Café, you can enjoy great tasting healthy food conveniently.

In the sauna room, your heart rate increases and this boosts metabolism. Sweating takes energy, and so your body will have to burn more calories for that. Doctors estimate that you can burn close to 500 calories with just 20 minutes of a sweat bath. It’s just like physical exercise.

On your Canggu holiday, give your heart what it wants. Try the AMO Spa sauna; it will leave you with a healthy heart. Sauna bathing results in improved cardiovascular functions. It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels

It’s also ideal for those struggling with chronic pain. Patients with migraines and lower back pains have tried sauna bathing before, and have reported positive results. Also, the intense heat in the sauna rooms will help your body detoxify by sweating. AMO Spa is a relaxing wellness facility that also offers other services such as massages, mani-pedi, hair care and excellent food. There are many reasons why you should come here for your sauna session. For starters, you can indulge in a hearty meal or get your nails done after the sauna bathing.

The impeccable service at AMO Spa is second to none. Passionate and skilled therapists at this spa will listen to your needs and give you their expert solutions to health, relaxation, and beauty. Book an appointment now for the experience of a  lifetime.



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