Seminyak Massage

Visitors to Bali agree that Seminyak is a mesmerizing destination with waves that make it a surfer’s paradise. The island’s sun-kissed beaches are a dream come true for anyone just out to bathe in the sun while enjoying the spectacular views. Exploring the beach reveals secret spots from where you can enjoy magnificent sky shows at dawn, dusk or night. Of course there’s much more to this ever popular holiday destination also.

Travelers to luxurious destinations like Bali know that hours of shopping, surfing or sunbathing can take their toll on your body. AMO understands this which, is why they have a branches in Canggu and Seminyak so a relaxing massage is never far away. It is a world-class spa with a wide range of services and highly skilled staff. A special place where men and women come for deluxe massages to cap off or kick-start their vacations in style.

Book your appointment at AMO for an outstanding Seminyak MassageTherapies at this unique spa were developed by experts to provide optimal relaxation and rejuvenation. A massage in AMO Seminyak is a chance to experience a blend of massage techniques unique to Bali combined with a variety of natural products only available in the idyllic islands of Indonesia.

Soothing scents waft in the air beckoning guests to enter the spacious, tastefully designed lifestyle spa. Everything from the lights to music has been selected to create a calming atmosphere. AMO is a world of luxurious induglence where clients are attended to by professional masseurs with a real passion for the job. They are kind, pleasant, courteous and competent at delivering the best Seminyak massage. Prices at AMO depend on the length of each session and your choice of products. The therapist will be happy to discuss these in advance if necessary.

For an optimal experience, AMO Spa has developed some of its own massage techniques. Relax Me and Rejuvenate Me are new techniques developed for people who want to enjoy the health benefits of a massage in Bali. Our massages may include the regular kneading and stretching of a regular massage but there is always an exciting twist. A variety of local herbs and essential oils are incorporated to amplify the positive effects of each treatment.

Seminyak massage done right by the experts at AMO‘Rejuvenate Me’ is AMO Spas version of a deep tissue massage to reduce fatigue and muscular pain. An hour-long session helps to improve circulation and triggers the flow of lymphatic fluid to rid your body of nasty toxins. The technique was designed with help of an orthopedic surgeon, making it ideal for people with joint pain or sports injuries. Regular ‘Rejuvenate Me’ massage sessions will not only leave your body healthy, it will also give you radiant skin. This is thanks to a rejuvenating body scrub offered alongside the massage. Sea mud and volcanic clay are used to cleanse and exfoliate the skin while packing it full of healthy minerals. Washing off the clay at one of three overhead showers will reveal baby soft skin brimming with the radiance of youth.

The masseurs at AMO Spa have been practising the art of massage for many years so you can trust them to handle your body right. A massage session shouldn’t be torturous so we encourage our clients to ask therapists to reduce or increase pressure according to their needs.

For a toned down version of the traditional Balinese massage, request the ‘Relax Me’ massage at AMO. It is a gentle body rub delivered to calm your soul and prevent certain illnesses. Therapists start with warm stones to promote circulation before using long, medium pressure strokes to relieve tension in the muscles. These actions trigger the release of endorphins needed to promote happiness and keep you relaxed in your surroundings.

If you came to AMO for a beauty treatment but would like to try a massage, start with the hands and feet therapy. It is a short reflexology session where an experienced masseuse will start by bathing and exfoliating your skin. Palm pressure and foot reflexology are some of the techniques used to help you relax and boost blood circulation. If you’ve been struggling to sleep, try this massage as it soothes the feet and takes away pressure from the ankles after a long shopping spree.

Your shoulders and arms certainly suffer most from all the climbing and bags you’ve carried during your travels in Seminyak. Come to AMO Spa at any time to have a massage therapist knead and stretch all the stress out of your muscles. It takes as few as thirty minutes for the experienced hands to deliver a massage that will leave you in the mood for more fun at Seminyak Beach.

After a relaxing Seminyak massage session at the luxury spa, you will be ready for some more fun at the beach but don’t leave just yet. Feel free to walk around the spa and discover why AMO is the perfect spot for ultimate grooming, beauty and relaxation. We have makeup artists who will ready you for the red carpet or wedding. AMO nail salon is a heavenly recluse filled with designer brands, creative concepts and custom products for the ultimate pedicure. Waxing services are available for both men and women who will stop at
nothing to get the silky smooth skin. Our facials and hair treatments are to die for as evidenced by clients streaming in and out of different Spas dotting hot spots on the Island.

If you are stuck in your hotel room feeling tired, contact AMO Spa immediately. In addition to our locations in Seminyak and Canggu, we have a mobile spa service to cater to exclusive tastes. A massage therapist will come to your residence to offer an exquisitely luxurious massage that the AMO brand is so popular for. This spa continues to receive acclaim from happy clients who come in fatigued, only to leave rested, transformed and stress-free. By delivering the best massage services we have become part of what makes Seminyak a popular tourist hub in Bali.



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