Can’t decide where to have Canggu dinner? You wont’ be disappointed by AMO Canggu’s mouth watering options.
Canggu dinner
December 24, 2017
Nail salon Canggu – you won’t get better than AMO
Nail Salon Canggu
January 4, 2018
Looking for a spa Canggu? Look no further than AMo, Canggu’s best spa

Spa Canggu

There is a secret to longevity and wellness in Canggu. Tourists and locals have discovered a solution to soften and mellow their spirits, heal their pain, re-energize and stay young. The answer lies in a sensual spa treatment. In Canggu, the experience is inimitable. That is mainly due to the talented Balinese masseuses coupled with a serene backdrop of beautiful nature. The green rice paddies, the sun-kissed sandy beaches, the rising waves, and the soothing breeze; bliss doesn’t sound like a far-fetched word.

You probably already have this place on your itinerary. It’s a place of quietness and tranquility. The therapists are genuinely concerned about your welfare, and they are committed to helping you feel good and look good. We’re talking about AMO Spa Canggu.

AMO Spa in Canggu offers facials, pedicures, foot massage, full body massages and nail art to name just a few. These treatments have become synonymous with the Bali experience. But that’s not all there is to it. Visitors find a haven in the spa baths that include a sauna, and steam room and Jacuzzi. This spa is an ultramodern setting for wellness, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Visiting AMO spa will be the climax of your Canggu holiday experience. Not only does a stunning new look await you, but also a lot of health benefits for your body and psyche. Below are the benefits of visiting this world-class spa in Canngu.

Spa CangguLove yourself, and everything else will fall into place

Show your body some tender loving care. At AMO Spa, you will be able to close your eyes and shut the world away from your mind. As this happens, your body will receive the attention it deserves with creative therapies that include a Balinese massage, hair treatments, manicure, and pedicure. The treatments are done by experienced and passionate professionals who put their hearts and minds into it. The spa treatments will leave you energized and revitalized.

Flush out toxins from your body

The number one responsibility in this universe is to take care of yourself. You can do that with a regular spa visit. At AMO Spa, the deep massages and spa baths are the surest way for your body to get rid of toxins. As you sweat in the sauna, or as you enjoy a massage that enables efficient blood circulation, your body gets cleansed and refreshed. After that, you can head downstairs for a nutritious smoothie bowl or a more substantial meal.

Rub away your stress

Visiting the beach or the rice paddies, or a visit to one of the temples can hlepyou to slow down and relax. Nonetheless, if you seek an impactful solution to your emotional anguish or despair, AMO Spa is the place to be. This holiday spot takes a holistic approach to enable relief from emotional and physical stress.

The Relax Me massage is particularly effective in relaxing the muscles and removing tension. Furthermore, AMO Spa Canngu has a tranquil environment that includes soft music, soft lighting, and comfortable lounges. Other opportunities for de-stressing include taking a dip in the plunge pool or chilling in the hot tub.

Slow down your agging

Spa CangguThere are many longevity products out there that promise to restore your youthful energy and glow. Some of them are genuine, while others might negatively impact your health. One thing’s for sure, regular spa visits in Canggu will help you deal with the symptoms of old age. You can get that drastic transformation and rejuvenation with noninvasive facial treatments and spa baths. These therapies open clogged pores on your skin. Massage therapies at AMO Spa strengthen and tighten your skin to restore to it that youthful freshness.

Say goodbye to back pain

You don’t have to put up with lower back pain or pain due to arthritis, fatigue or injuries. AMO Spa in Canggu has a wide range of treatments that will alleviate all your pains and aches. The massage therapies, for instance, are designed by an experienced orthopedic surgeon. These therapies include some techniques like reflexology, acupressure and pressure point strokes.

Shed the extra pounds

It takes a disciplined mind to maintain weight loss program even on holiday. If you are not that type of person, you don’t have to worry. AMO Spa’s got your back. This resort also has weight loss as part of the holistic package of wellness therapies. The therapies will complement your efforts of exercise and diet.

Catch up with friends and share laughter 

Life demands can keep us up and down all day every day. Its lonely at the top, so they say. The point is; it’s hard to find time to hang out with friends as everyone is concerned about their affairs. What if there was a way to share spa time together? It would be convenient. You will find out that you need not change your schedule. It’s just a normal spa day, but you get to share with friends.

You can have such a social experience at AMO Spa. This health club has a unique social spa area for family and friends. You will get group manicure or pedicures. The spa has installed innovative scrub beds for the ultimate relaxation of you and your friends as talented hands work to beautify your nails.

As that happens, you will be sipping a refreshing drink ordered in-house bar. You will get to share some laughter, reminisce about old memories and leave the facility looking ravishing.

AMO Spa Canggu is the best place to relax your mind, reenergize your body and reinvent yourself.


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