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Seminyak is one of the most appealing destinations in Bali, Indonesia, but your trip will not be complete without a relaxing spa treatment. The best spas in Seminayk focus on holistic wellness through therapies inspired by western medicine, traditional healing, and organic products. You can expect services such massages, hair, nail and beauty treatments.

For your ultimate relaxation, find a health club where you can also indulge in a steam bath, sauna or hot Jacuzzi. That is how you will have a memorable trip. For locals and visitors alike, the benefits of a spa treatment remain unchanged. You will get an energy boost, renewed motivation for life, apart from acquiring a jaw-dropping look.

Spa treatments need to be perfect; that is the only way to be sure that you are able to relax and enjoy your treatment sessions. Perfection here refers to the right ambiance, hygiene and loving attention and care AMOng other aspects. You should be able to get a wide range of services under the same roof.

AMO Spa offers:

  • Skillful professional therapists
  • Hygienic and relaxing settings
  • The therapists use fresh and sanitized tools for each client
  • The beauticians use natural and organic beauty products
  • The therapists listen to your needs, and they are caring and attentive to details
  • Private rooms available if you need discretion

AMO Spa is one of the top-rated spas in Seminyak. Their massages will heal your muscles and rejuvenate your spirits, their facials and manicures will leave you glowing and appreciative. Both locals and holiday makers find peace, relaxation, and renewal at this spot.

The atmosphere inspires mindfulness and relaxation. As the therapists work on your body, the effect seeps deep into your soul for healing and wellness. AMO Spa Seminyak is where everyone goes in search of blissful tranquility. In a spacious venue with soft lighting, soothing sounds will be playing in the background as deft hands work on your body.

To help you unwind, AMO Spa provides comprehensive massage services. These include a full body massage, head, and shoulder, hands and feet massages. The spa uses a potent mixture of natural ingredients for healing chronic back pain, sports injuries and rejuvenating muscles work out by the daily pressures of life.

When you visit the spa, the therapists will perform on you a lymph-system massage to help your body detoxify. Then they will follow up with a light stroke Balinese massage that is inspired by traditional Bali culture. The session climaxes with an application of an organic lotion that will spiral you into a perfect mood of relaxation.

The AMO scrub is a great treatment to put you in the holiday mood. This is a skin focused massage therapy that revitalizes, tans and strengthens the skin before you proceed to soak up the sun at the beach. If you have just completed your trip, the AMO scrub will help to freshen you before you head home.

The therapy starts with a coconut and sea scrub, and then the masseuse gently massages sea mud or volcanic clay into your skin. You will then get a cucumber face mask and a relaxing head and foot massage. After the session, you get three warm overhead showers that will leave your skin flawless.

Do you want to receive a celebrity style treatment for your hair in Seminyak? At AMO Spa, you will be in the hands of hair style and color specialists. But before you even get into the trimming, coloring, and styling, you will first go through guidance and consultation.

Bali has a humid and tropical climate that could be detrimental to your hair. Then again there is the constant exposure to the intense UV rays from the sun while you explore the enthralling destination. This calls upon you to take good care of your hair to keep it healthy and stronger.

AMO Spa hairdressers are experienced professionals who will care for your hair and both restore and accentuate its beauty. At the spa, clients’ needs come first, and the hair experts put their hearts and minds into helping you look your best. Their services include haircuts for women, men, and children, extensions (installation or removal), coloring, and styling. The salon uses high-quality products including the L’Oreal, Alfaparf and Wella colors for hair coloring. Other hair care services here include washing, blow dry, toning and cream baths. You will get home with fantastic hair that signals the bliss you experienced during your Seminyak vacation.

The salon itself is an atmosphere of relaxation. Hygiene is a priority, and the hairdressers adhere to the highest standards of safety and perfection. While they work on your hair, you will have access to free WI-FI to share your new looks with your friends around the world.

AMO spa is the best place in Bali to get a quality manicure. Expert manicurists offer nail care and art. First off, they will set to cleaning your hands and feet by soaking in Potion EO blend and some Potion fizzy milk balls. Trimming follows, and then the manicurists condition your cuticles and push them back. Your nail plate is later filed and smoothened. The manicure session ends with Potion sanitizing and moisturizing spray.

The products used at the spa in nail care and prettification are all organic and safe on the skin. After the nail care, you can choose to get embellishments such as glossy polish, flowers, decals, and stickers. You will come out of the spa looking sophisticated and ready for your special occasion.

Apart from nail services, AMO Spa in Seminyak provides waxing, facials, and foot reflexology services. Facial treatments include oxygen treatment for cleansing and rejuvenation and microdermabrasion exfoliation with a complete skin care facial regime. Waxing is done both for men and women. It can be done on the face, feet and other parts of the body. As if that’s not enough, for a faultless, flawless look, there are make artists at the spa ready to help you out.

AMO Spa provides treatments that emphasize relaxation and rejuvenation. The results will be noticeable and enviable. That’s why customers keep going back for more.



  1. Angela Taylor says:

    Can we please book 2 for oxygen facial at 10.15 am

  2. Helen Carino says:

    Hi, do you sell gift vouchers? If so, what are the T&Cs…

    I am interested in purchasing IDR 1.000.000 for a birthday gift

  3. rhonda says:

    Hi there are you still open in Seminyak where you used to be in 2018 xxx

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