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January 16, 2018
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Steam Room

Steam Room

Plan to include a steam room therapy on your Canggu vacation. Just like saunas, steam rooms enable healing and rejuvenation by exposing the body to heated temperatures. However, whereas saunas use hot, dry air, steam rooms use heated steam in an enclosed room. AMO Spa is the most trusted provider of steam room bath therapies in Bali.

Steam RoomA steam room session is more than just a pastime. There are many health benefits you can reap from this treatment. First, it will help you relax and unwind after a day of adventure and exploration. At AMO Spa, you can enjoy the steam room sessions in the company of your friends and family.

The results on your skin will be dramatic. Steam room bathing will help you get rid of stubborn skin blemishes that you have been struggling with for long. These include, but are not limited to acne. When you are in that room relishing in the hot wet air, your blood circulation is improved, and that will also be reflected on your healthy glowing skin.

Apart from leisure and beauty, AMO Spa steam room is perfect for healing. Many have reported positive results with joint pain and muscle aches. The heat in the steam room can numb your nerve endings and relax your muscles. In essence, steam room baths can provide quick relief from acute pain including headaches. If you are in pain on your Bali vacation, go slowly on the pills. Save your internal organs, book a steam room session at AMO Spa.

We all know the benefits of detoxifying but some methods are just outright crazy. Some include dramatic diets such as surviving on smoothies for a whole week. Seriously, can you go through with that when a plate of chicken is staring you in the face? Fortunately, you can have your fill of tasty food and still be able to flush out the toxins. The answer lies in the AMO Spa steam room. You will just have to put up with the sweating though. It’s how impurities exit your system.

Steam RoomNow if you are feeling bogged down by the pressures of life, you can go to blow off steam in the steam room. Vacations are meant to be happy times, but sometimes you just can’t shake off thoughts of deadlines waiting for you when you get back. It can also be thoughts family or relationships that suck out all of your energy. Try this formula; it will work miracles; one steam room session every week. The happiness you will feel has to do with feel-good hormones that your body produces, stimulated by the steamy hot ar.

Similarly, after a hard day of touring or shopping your body will need relaxation. Steam room bathing at AMO will help you deal with fatigue. When the next day comes, you will be strong enough to get up again and continue your adventures in the wanderlust Balinese destinations.

This type of therapy is a must have for those with breathing problems. A steam room bath opens the air passages and reduces the mucous membranes. That means that you get to breathe easier. This is especially helpful in people with asthma, cold flu, allergies and other conditions of the breathing system.

Back to aesthetics, regular bathing in the steam room can help you shed off a few pounds. Holidays are indulgent, with sinful pleasures tempting you on every corner. However, since the universe loves you unconditionally, you can indulge and still maintain your lean physique. There is only one condition though; you have to burn the extra calories sweating. No, not while lifting weights. Just by relaxing in a steam room. Sounds easy, right? And where else to do that than in a clean and tranquil environment? Try AMO Spa.

Steam room bathing is a therapy that will also help with your high blood pressure. Recent medical studies show that spending time in a steam room or sauna activates the body to release aldosterone. This hormone is responsible for blood pressure regulation and can help you relax. That is good for your heart’s health. Still, on matters of the heart, steam room bathing can improve the health of your cardiovascular system. As you relax in the hot air, your blood vessels dilate, and blood circulation is improved. Healthy blood vessels result in a healthy heart. Steam room baths at AMO Spa are perfect for relaxing and unwinding, but more health benefits are awaiting you. Book your appointment with beauty and wellness today.


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