Waxing Salon

In ancient times the Greeks and Romans removed unwanted body hair by a number of fairly harsh measures such as rubbing them off with pumice stone, or even burning the hairs off to the root – ouch!
Here at Amo Spa we believe beauty and wellness can be achieved best by being gentle and kind to yourself. We are all about helping you by providing a nurturing, revitalising environment for you.

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We all know freshly waxed skin feels and looks great; silky and smooth. But did you know there are also certain health benefits to getting regular waxing treatments?

  • Smoother Skin - The process acts as an exfoliant at the same time as removing hair, so it removes the top layer of dermis, ridding your skin of roughness and impurities.
  • Healthy Skin - Because the waxing procedure removes the hair at the follicle, risk of infection and ingrown hairs is minimised.
  • Clear and Clean - Skin inflammation is minimised. Because a good wax can last up to six weeks and involves no chemicals to cause skin irritation or allergies you will simply experience beautiful, smooth skin. None of the inflammation caused by rubbing the razor blade over the surface of the skin; no nicks or cuts to leave potential scars and be unsightly; and in between waxing appointments – no need to worry!

Our skilled professional therapists are expert at removing unwanted body hair quickly and nearly painlessly. We use hiSugar paste which is 100% natural and vegan, involving absolutely no animal cruelty. It contains no chemicals and no GMOs. The paste is applied at room temperature so there is absolutely no risk of accidental burning from overheated wax. The therapy involves removing the hair from the follicle in the direction the hair grows with quick wrist flicks that leave your skin hair free, refreshed and renewed.

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Amo Spa provide a range of waxing services for both male and females to make sure your body is beach ready. As well as all areas of the body, we offer specialised facial waxing, including reshaping eyebrows, cheeks, jawlines and upper lips.


As an alternative to waxing many find sugaring less painful, more effective and healthier for the overall skin tone. We love that the hiSugar paste we use is 100% natural and vegan, and our expert therapists ensure the sugar paste is kept so clean you could practically eat it. Sugaring leaves your skin silky, smooth and soft.