Wedding Hair

Just like the task of choosing a wedding dress, picking the perfect wedding hair is not an easy task. Instead of spending your days scouring the web and magazines for the perfect wedding hairstyle, you can choose to work with a professional stylist and hairdresser. They will save you from the headache, plus you are assured of success with the look you desire. AMO Spa hair salon can help you get your wedding hair right with services such as hair styling, coloring, extension, treatment, and trimming.

Don’t take a risk with your wedding hair, visit AMOJust like wedding make-up, it takes a comprehensive consultation and several trials to get the perfect hairdo for your wedding day. The professional team of hair stylists at AMO have the patience to listen to your needs. You will be able to try out fashionable styles to see if what you choose matches your aspirations of the big day.

Bridal hairdressers at AMO seek first to develop rapport with your hair. There are many styles that can make a bride look dashing. And again, hairstylists today can pull a rabbit out of a hat and give you those tick red carpet locks you desire. However, the big question is authenticity- will you look natural? Pulling a natural, sophisticated look with your hair needs a passionate and highly trained hairstylist who will take a look at your hair and quickly know what it needs. AMO Spa hairstylists will know how much blow drying your hair needs as well as recommending the right coloring and treatment.

The best hairdo for your wedding has to intermarry with your personality. AMO hair stylists will understand you and design a style that suits you. It goes from the hair color, hair size and the extra embellishments you place in your curls- everything will make a statement about you. When the day comes, and you finally walk down the aisle, you will be looking classy and sophisticated, but your future husband will still be able to recognize. Your personality won’t be lost.

Different faces come out different in different styles. For instance, if you have a slender face, wearing your hair down should be out of question. It makes your face look longer. Professional hairstylists at AMO Spa will assist you to wear your hair right up to flatter the plumpness of your cheeks. Round faces also come out well in an updo, as long as there are no curls too close to the face. Those with square effaces can look their best when the hair is pulled back from the face and partitioned at the sides to smooth out their features. But again, everything will be done according to your wish.

Look stunning on your bog day with wedding hair by AMOAs mentioned earlier, the right bridal hairstyle has to be perfect fit with the dress, it should complement it. Getting this right requires hairstylists with expertise in wedding fashion and beauty, and that’s what you get at AMO Spa. For instance, a simple and chic dress deserves a hairstyle that’s also simple and elegant. Whether you will be wearing a veil also matters a great deal. Considering all these factors, enthusiastic hairdressers at AMO will work hand in hand with you to give you that perfect hair for your big day.

A wedding in the tropical outdoors of Bali is a glamorous affair. But the weather conditions also come into play here. Your hair has to be ready for the heat and possibly high winds that will be blowing at the beach. Before you walk down there to say your vows, AMO Spa stylists will make sure that your hair is well treated and conditioned. Premier products will be used to hold your hair in place and make it work in harmony with nature.

Color Stylists at AMO use quality products including brands such as L’Oreal, Alfaparf, and Wella. The team can also custom create a unique color that best suits with your natural hair color in preparation for your wedding day. You can also get a new set of foils or some retouching for a fabulous look.

Hair extensions used at AMO Spa are all natural and will give you an authentic look. The bonding technique used is flawless and undetectable. These extensions will help you lengthen and increase the volume of your hair before your big day arrives. Then again, if you desire your extensions removed so you can tie the knot in your natural looks, the hair experts will neatly remove your extensions. You can also expect to get treatments such as smoothing, glossing and toning.

So why wait? Make your reservation now before the big day arrives.


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