Wedding Make Up

You deserve to look fabulous on your wedding day. You need picture-perfect makeup that not only means you’re looking stunning on the big day, but also in the photos which you’ll be looking back on fondly for years to come. Finding the right makeup artist in an exotic destination can be a difficult task, but look no further than AMO Spa. Wedding make up at AMO Spa ican be combined with treatments that will leave you with beautifully glowing skin  – the perfect base from which to provide stunning and sophisticated make up for your big day, ensuring that you’ll be looking every bit the enchanting bride as you walk down the isle and in your precious wedding photos for years to come.

AMO Spa offers a wedding makeup service to leave you looking stunning. Wedding day make up has to be spectacular and superb quality. It’s a difficult task to pull that by yourself with all the little butterflies in your belly. For starters, the makeup has to last all day long. Then, of course, you have to look photogenic both inside and outside no matter the light intensity. That’s something that only professional make-up artists can help you achieve. AMO Spa in Canggu and Seminyak employs highly trained individuals who are experience with different cosmetics and skin types.

The experienced beauticians understand that your makeup has to compliment your wedding dress. If your dress is romantic and soft, then your makeup will need to match. Similarly, your hairstyle plays an essential role in your overall look. AMO Spa makeup artists will make sure everything seamlessly blends.

The service you get with AMO Spa is of the highest quality. The beauticians are keen on details, leaving no stone unturned to help you look stunning on your wedding day. The bridal make up offered at AMO Spa isn’t just about face paint or prettification for the eyes and lips, it’s much more comprehensive. It starts with skin care to ensure that the makeup lasts longer. Skin care treatments before the make-up include the application of primer and conditioning. Primer helps to smoothen and maintain an even skin tone before the foundation is added.

The professional make artists will then proceed to highlight your eyes to make them look flattering. There are many top-shelf products used for eye makeup at AMO Spa. The eyeliner used is smear proof and waterproof. Next follows a pigmented eye shadow. Everything is done meticulously for an authentic romantic look.

After hooking you up with a pair seductive eyes, deft hands will move up to work on your eyelashes. AMO Spa is equipped with natural looking strip eyelash extensions. These falsies will lengthen and increase the volume of your lashes. You can also opt to have your lashes permed and tinted. The point is, you will have at your disposal all options that will make your eyes sparkle on the big day.

Enjoy Wedding Make Up at AMO Spa. The secret to looking stunning all day long lies in the foundation. You have seen in the glamorous magazines how brides look amazing in different photos in different light settings. You can get that with the right foundation done by talented AMO Spa makeup artists. The good thing about hiring the services of a pro is they come with their products. AMO Spa makeup artists have top quality foundations of all colors to blend in smoothly with your natural skin color.

After the foundation, the beauticians will move to mask dark circles under your eyes and other spots. The concealer used is natural and thick enough to cover imperfections. AMO Spa estheticians understand that concealers should be used minimally to achieve that authentic natural look. You will be in good hands. The reason why the concealer is applied after the foundation is to make it smudge proof. Then again, the foundation will do most of the work of covering blemishes; the concealer is just a final touch.

Wedding day make up shouldn’t be done with shiny or sparkly products, that won’t go well with flash photography. With AMO Spa you can expect top quality products that will give you a sophisticated look and still be photo friendly.

There are also many products for your lips. AMO Spa has several colored lip liners and lip gloss to give you the elegance and confidence you need to walk down the aisle. Expert beauticians will help you choose a shade which compliments your makeup. The lipstick color also has to blend in smoothly with your wedding dress.

With the help of experienced makeup artists, you will can avoid blunders and be assured of looking your best. The makeup team at AMO Spa does everything proportionately, maintaining balance, authenticity, and sophistication. Book now for hassle-free professional bridal makeup services.


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