Wellness Classes

Amo Spa invites you to join our weekly Wellness Classes. All classes are on our beautiful grassed area. All classes include a DAY PASS for sauna/ice pool/jacuzzi. Introductory coconut for all new students with first class. We will create a nurturing environment for body, mind and spirit in which respect is given to all who attend.

All-In @ Rp250k
Amo Members @ Rp150k

Monday 8:15am

Reiki Workshop with @playgroundsoul

Reiki is an energy healing that enhances the body's natural ability to heal itself and is a powerful way to relieve stress and promote wellness. It is simple, nourishing, calming and effective. A Reiki Circle is a beautiful and peaceful way to experience a compassionate, relaxing treatment in a group setting.

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Tuesday 5:00pm

Free Drumming Session

One of the most powerful instruments of sound therapy is the shamanic drum. Please book your slot at reception.

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Wednesday 8:15am

Breathwork with @sarasilverstein

Come breathe deeper and get grounded. Breathwork is an active meditation technique that facilitates an emotional release. Sara loves with her whole heart and emphatically holds space for every soul she meets. Her journey has been vast and colourful.

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Friday 8:15am

Warrior Breathe with @anton_fritz

Relearning to breathe will be life changing! Join Holistic Healing experiences. Breathe deeper and get grounded.

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Sunday 8:15am

Sunrise Hatha with @neusomyoga

Time to rise and shine. Self Healing & Conscious Development. Self-intimacy is acknowledging our deepest emotions and feelings. This means getting closer and more comfortable with who you really are. Who we really are without our masks.

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