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Canggu Restaurant

Delivering lovingly prepared, delicious and healthy meals to the heart of Canggu

AMO Café is a destination where the finest produce is used to create healthy and delicious meals from breakfast through to dinner. A range of cold press juices, teas coffees and signature cocktails complete the picture. Organic produce, grown in the roof top garden are used in sensational salads and a full range of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options are available, as well as plenty of tasty choices for meat lovers.

Whether you are travelling to Bali to just unwind or for having a lot of fun, a visit to the AMO Spa Canggu is highly recommended. This is because the facility combines the celebration of beauty with a worship of nature. As you appease your body and soul by eating healthy food in the best restaurant Cnggu, made using the finest of home-grown produce, you can also indulge in natural products beauty treatments. The natural beauty products used at the AMO Spa in Canggu are mostly made using the produce from the roof-top garden of AMO. And, at the café, you will be treated to a variety of sensational tastes.

AMO Canggu, which embraces a neo-pagan ideology, provides you with an unrivalled experience. At the café, you will be treated to a wide range of cold pressed juices, Go Green coffee, teas, and delicious salads. The lip-smacking beverages and salads do not only titillate your taste buds but also serve to take your health to the next level with a wide selection of vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan food options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Actually, AMO Canggu is a complete lifestyle destination as you are invited to indulge in the luxurious beauty treatments, rejuvenating massages, and healthy food. AMO Canggu will not only make you look good but also enhance your wellbeing.

After enjoying the nightlife in Bali and Canggu, you can start the next morning with a hearty as well as healthy Canggu breakfast. You can choose what you want from the restaurant’s sumptuous All Day Breakfast Menu. Breakfast options include Chia Panna Cotta, Quinoa Vegged Out, Eggs and Beacon, Benedict Eggs, Bali Avocado Toast, Sandwich, Fruit Bowl, Buttermilk Pancake, Waffles, and Seasonal Fruit Cocktail.

When you look at the menu for lunch and dinner options, you will realize that what is on offer is not only extensive but also extremely appetizing. You will also realize that one visit is not at all enough to enjoy the full range of meal options. If you are looking for vegetarian or vegan and/or gluten-free food you will find what you want as all the items that contain dairy products will be clearly labelled.

Refreshing smoothies can be used as healthy snacks at all times of the day and the salads prepared from organic produce are simply divine, place AMO Café on a whole other level to other Canggu restaurants. If you are a meat lover, you can treat yourself to a variety of burgers and sandwiches. Other items on the menu include soups, smoothies, sides and bites, and salads. If you are a weight conscious person, you can settle for one of the salads. Delicious and healthy veggies grown on the rooftop garden are made use of for scrumptious salads.

As far as bread choices are concerned, you can opt for Challah Bread, Gluten Free Bread, Sourdough Bread, Multigrain Bread, or Rye Bread. There are options for pasta too.

In addition to all of the above, there is a selection of ‘All Day Dining’ options, including the Cheesy Chicken Parmigiana, Grilled Rib Eye, Cheese Chicken and Rolled Basil, and Chicken Skewer.

A lunch or dinner at the restaurant is never complete without treating yourself to one of the lip-smacking desserts – Banana Pudding, Icebox cake with a chocolate wafer (gluten-free option is also available), a Terrine made out of berries, or grapes and dragon fruit, or mint and Lavender.

For the complete experience at AMO Canggu, make a visit to the Social Spa on the first floor. The Social Spa consists of customised scrub beds and each one is provided with a separate cleansing station. As you relax and get pampered, you can relish a cocktail served right at your chairside from the bar that prepares a complete range of cocktails. At the high-performance treatment facility, where the simultaneous treatment philosophy is followed, as many as four therapists work together to provide you with a flawless cream bath, manicure, and pedicure.

You can also experience one of AMO’s specially designed massages in one of the serene massage rooms. In the calming and private massage rooms, experienced and expert massage therapists would work to drive away your aches and pains. The massage transports you to a state of pure bliss amidst soothing music and the aroma of massage oils. AMO offers a wide range of massages for head and shoulders, feet, and the whole body.

Indulging in the beauty treatments offered at the Spa leaves you feeling not only great but also makes you look better. The extensive range of treatments provided at the Spa includes manicures, pedicures, microdermabrasion facials, foot reflexology, waxing, and eyebrow tweezing. If the reason for visiting the Spa is to prepare for a special occasion, then a makeup artist will be allocated to you. At the Spa, highest quality products, fresh and locally sourced as well as handcrafted, are made use of. Take the time to give your body the treatment it deserves AMO Spa Canggu.

You might have come to Bali with the idea of visiting an AMO Spa for just a single treatment. However, you can make your visit to Bali a memorable one by indulging in the luxurious experiences that AMO has arranged specifically for you at the Canggu Spa. It is the go-to place for fine dining and the best of beauty treatment experiences. Irrespective of whether you are arriving on a very early flight, or leaving Bali late in the night, spend an entire day at AMO Canggu. AMO Canggu is the perrect place to start or complete your vacation in the best possible and memorable manner.

Our Story

AMO Café is a lifestyle destination, where delicious healthy food from our roof top garden is used for our scrumptious salads. And at AMO, we don’t believe in waste – we also use our home grown products in many of our beauty treatments. With a full range of food, including a wide selection of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, join us in Canggu’s leading café.


AMO Serves up healthy and wholesome food with the finest ingredients, many grown in house. Follow your food’s journey from roof top garden to plate. Start your day the right way with a choice from our breakfast menu, and find an inviting variety of salads, main dishes, meats, pastas and more, perfect for lunch, dinner or a snack at anytime of day.


Healthy cold pressed juices, teas, Go Green coffee and more, what ever tempts your taste buds to stay hydrated, you’ll find it at AMO. Head to our Social Spa and enjoy your favourite alcoholic cocktail to compliment your manicure and pedicure. Beauty, food and beverages combine at AMO Canggu.


AMO Canggu is your complete lifestyle destination. AMO Café aims to be the best restaurant in Canggu, and is just part of the AMO experience. Indulge in the sauna, steam room and Epsom salt Jacuzzi, massage treatments, beauty treatments, our Social Spa, High Performance Treatment Area and even our special hangover cure therapies.